Mobile Learning: Beneficial For Employees

Indian corporate education domain is treated as a niche segment that has witnessed steady growth but has not been explored completely. Industry veterans are of the opinion that there is ample expansion scope in the next few years as compared to its global counterpart. In simple words, mobile learning in India is yet to pick up pace despite the availability of innumerable opportunities.

It would be most appropriate to say that the training methodology has witnessed quick content digitisation and migration towards online training, which has emerged as an important trend in the past decade.

The entry of a series of corporate training enterprises in the Indian landscape has been acting as a key stimulant for the market. The growing demand for training in a series of courses has placed the market on a robust growth track. Some of the key pointers to remember –

  • Indian consumers have a robust appetite for digital content. Reports suggest that on an average Indians spend 4.5 hours spend regularly across offline channels like television, DVDs and CDs.

  • Over 70% of the urban consumers in India spends approximately $1 per month on content and services via offline, unorganised retail channels, a market projected to be over $ 5billion on annual basis.

  • India’s Internet users are growing at a rapid scale and over three-quarter of them prefer mobile access.

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The growing competition in the corporate education domain is strengthening at a fast pace. Although approximately 80% of the Indian employees are of the opinion that mobile learning is expected to enhance their engagement level with the use of learning management system, mere 27% of the enterprises in India have chosen the mobile learning approach.

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning is the process of learning using mobile via the means of video tutorials and interactivity driven online chat sessions. Experts are of the opinion that for varied people in India, mobile have emerged as the platform of choice where employees are given the right to access learning on demand. It is time for businesses to adhere to this ‘norm’ to improve their learning strategies and improve the workforce requirements with the aim to boost the high learner engagement and effectiveness of the program.

Why is Mobile Learning Significant for India?

In the recent years, mobile learning in India has become one of the most talked about topic in the corporate e-learning segment. Companies are using the popularity of the mobile devices with the aim to boost the efficacy and even the reach of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) initiative. The new generation of employees – encompassing the Gen-Y and the Gen-Z born after 1981 and 2000 – are driving the popularity of mobile learning in India. It is expected that these millennial are likely to make a majority of the global workforce by the year 2030. They are technology savvy, digitally connected and prefer mobile learning platforms.

Mobile learning is capable of influencing the functioning of a developing nation like India where mobile Internet outgrows and replaces the broadband connections. For the new-age learners, mobile learning has emerged as the preferred platform of choice as it creates an opportunity for just-in-time learning.

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