Never Worry About Cold Feet Again!

Boot Suits

Do you love the thrill of a sub-zero deer hunt? Have you spent hours in a stand, watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity? If so, you already know that getting cold feet is one of the biggest issues you’ll face out while on the hunt.

Standard hunting boots are big, bulky, and do not have the insulating properties needed for to resist cold that sinks in when you’re not moving. This is where Boot Suits come in. Designed to keep your feet warm in even the coldest temperatures, simply slip Boot Suits on when you get to your stand and settle in for the hunt.

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How do they Work?

Designed by hunters with hunters and other winter sport enthusiasts in mind, Boot Suits were created to provide long-lasting warmth while waiting for your prize. Once you’ve reached your chosen hunting or fishing spot, shake off excess snow and ice from your boots. Next, step your feet into the Boot Suits and zip them up. Once closed, air pockets are created, allowing for the warm air inside to stay inside, keeping your feet warm. The creators of Boot Suits added two more features for increased warmth: a foam-padded bottom to create a barrier from the cold ground and a pouch located in each Boot Suit for a hand warmer. The inside is 18” long and is ideal for boots sized 6-13, but can accommodate boots up to 16” long.

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Boot Suits are designed for winter sport enthusiasts who must remain in the same place for extended periods of time—deer hunters and ice fisherman are great examples; they are not intended for walking in. While the inside reflective material is waterproof, the outer layer is only water resistant. After an expedition, it is a good idea to let your Boot Suits dry out to increase longevity and reflectivity over time.

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Where can I get Boot Suits?

Boot Suits are available online from their website and from other authorized dealers. Boot Suits come with a 90-day warranty.

Next time you venture out for a long sit in cold temperatures, remember to bring your Boot Suits and be ready to “Stay the day.”

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