Nike Lunarlon Series

In 2009 Nike introduced a revolutionary shoe series called Lunarlon.  As the name suggests these shoes were inspired by the way astronauts walk on the moon – by bouncing and walking very easy. That’s how people wearing shoes from this series feel like. The secret behind this is the innovative cushioning that Nike used and that was never used before. It is lightweight and spring-like and it is perfect for many sport activities. They can be used for practicing basketball, running, skateboarding, tennis or simply as training shoes. Thanks to the special Lunarlon technology developed by the scientists working for Nike, you can be sure that you will get the maximum absorption caused by any type of shock on the feet. In this way you will be perfectly protected and you will also feel less fatigued.

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So how exactly does this Lunarlon Technology Work?

First of all, Lunarlon is around 30% lighter than the standard Phylon foam used by Nike for their previous models. Although Lunarlon is lighter that doesn’t affect the stability of the shoe because the lightweight cushion is placed in a firmer foam carrier. Thanks to this perfect combination, athletes and people who use these shoes in general are more protected against external forces and have more stability while they are performing their physical activities. The foam used for these shoes is very soft and dissipates force more consistently over a larger area, which means that the users aren’t putting pressure on one spot. At the same time Lunarlon serves as a perfect protection for the foot bones and adds extra comfort and stability during training sessions.

What is interesting about Lunarlon series is that this technology never stopped to develop over all these years. Nike designers that invented Lunarlon, Kevin Hoffer and Eric Avar, keep improving various Lunarlon models. They are focusing on Lunarlon based shoes for different sports that require different movements. The basis remains the same – Lunarlon cushioning and technology. This technology I used for both men’s and women’s shoes.

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Nowadays there are dozens of Lunarlon (Lunar) models by Nike on the market. The most popular ones include:

Nike LunarElement – These women’s high intensity training shoes are perfect for high intensity training sessions where athletes must move quickly. Female athletes will find the traction pattern very useful because it provides great grip for many different surfaces.

– Nike SB Eric Koston 1 – As we have mentioned before Lunarlon technology was developed for many different sports. This model is designed to meet the needs of skateboarders. Nike SV Eric Koston 1 is superior to other skate shoes because they are lightweight but that softness and weight doesn’t affect the performance at all.

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– Hyperdunk 2013 – This model is a perfect example about the evolvement of Nike Lunarlon based models. 5 years after the first model of Hyperdunk was introduced to the public we now have an advanced basketball shoe that includes few top notch transformative technologies that guarantee success – Hyperfuse construction, Dynamic Flywire and of course Lunarlon cushioning.

The Lunarlon technology is one of the most revolutionary in the industry of running shoes for men as well as for women. The cushioning and stability it provides makes it a favorite among athletes around the world.

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