Order Fulfillment Process Of Your Ecommerce Business Through Oracle Database

Order Fulfillment Process Of Your Ecommerce Business Through Oracle Database

With the advent of the ecommerce business, there have been many changes and modifications in the process of order fulfillment. The advantage is that you can always keep a record of everything and increase all your sales orders. The final outcome is fast delivery to the clients, producing the database very quickly to the sales personnel and speedy restocking is also possible.

Role of Oracle Database: The enterprise performance management such as SAP or Oracle EPM can be combined with the software suits to gear up the ecommerce performance.  The small and mid-sized businesses are generally avoided but the large enterprises get a lot of benefit through this type of order management process. The small businesses however can use a basic version of Customer Relation Management (CRM). Thus finding the best proposal for integrating the order fulfillment through Ecommerce is very important.

End-To-End Platform: The order management through the ecommerce serves as an end-to-end platform that is beneficial to keep the large data of the clients very smoothly. The resources and the money of the business can be optimally used and thus a lot of saving is possible in the long run of your business. The ecommerce order fulfillment helps you to integrate within all the departments of your business successfully.

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Now, let us go through the control flow process of the Order fulfillment:

Step 1: OrderFulfiller gets the message SubmitOrder. This process is automated and takes place by default.

Step 2: OrderFulfiller carries the components using the FulfillOrderFragments. One of the well known fulfiller that functions here is the HardGoodFulfiller.

Step 3: All the shipping groups are controlled by the HardGoodFulfiller. Controlled by the back-end system, then the fulfiller helps in the process of editing very efficiently.

Step 4: When all the groups have been shipped rightly, the message ModifyOrderNotification is being sent. After that, the HardGoodfulfiller completes all the function of grouping the shipments. The OrderFulfiller then completes all the fulfillment of Orders.

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Step 5: When the OrderFulfiller gets the ModifyOrderNotification Message, the business can now introduce its first payment with the entire price of the items including the taxes.

Step 6: This is the final step where the order gets settled. The OrderFulfiller then signals NO_PENDING_ACTION and thus have no control over any order from then onwards.

The design of this fulfillment system is very flexible as well as extensible to large categories. An ecommerce business can maintain its fulfillment process in various ways. The process can be fully integrated with the shopping cart system in the ecommerce. As every step is automated, a large number of data with metrics can easily be stored and applied in future. You will be able to find out all the data where conversions can take place from the carts or the cart abandonment can also be analyzed. Thus, you can produce an excellent outcome for your business if all the analysis can be done without any obstruction.

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There are also few disadvantages when you have just introduced your business. As there are a large number of Enterprise Performance Management tools and techniques available in the market, you need to decide properly according to the needs of your ecommerce business. You must check whether you have chosen the copyrighted and original tools or not. Sometimes for efficiency and better work control, you can also outsource the activities of the order fulfillment process. A lot of expertise skills are required to work on this system. So investing on the skills may be expensive for you when you are just starting off. Therefore outsourcing can be the better option in this case for standing upright even if there are competitions.

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