Padi Scuba Diving: Some Tips To Improve Efficiency and Skills

Padi Scuba Diving: Some Tips To Improve Efficiency and Skills

According to the experts, it does require a good amount of training, knowledge of the skills and lots of practice to become an expert scuba diver. There are many who are of the wrong opinion that they cannot go scuba diving without undergoing professional training for months. The fact is diving courses are obviously important for elevating the diving skills of the person and helping him to move to a further level. The courses do offer the person with a foundation upon which he is to develop with timely and proper practice.
Some useful tips to follow:

• Engage the brain: A good diver can be stated to be one who instead of following the dive master blindly will use the brain. He needs to be adequately prepared to be bold and dive alone without any professional assistance. It is important to know where the boat and buddy is and the amount of oxygen left in the cylinder, etc.

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• Weight test: If the person has proper weights, then not much air is required in the BCD. Some simple exercise is to be undertaken. After a dive, the tank is to be run down to between 30 & 40 bars. Then the BCD is to be emptied. Next lock together the ankles and fold the arms closer to the chest. While exhaling, the person should sink and while inhaling, he is to come up same amount. If he is not coming up and sinking when inhaling, then he is extremely heavy.

• Know the amount of air usage: It will require some practice and understanding. Prior to the ascent, note the air and depth. Upon surfacing, note again. Maintain logbook. Even note if it was on a line or free ascent. It is with time that the amount of air required for ascending from 30, 20 or 10 meters will be known.

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• Fix the buoyancy: When into the dive, after 5-10 minutes, ensure the person needs to be over sandy patch or have water column below and to stop kicking. It is essential to stay where he is, to go down when exhaling and up when inhaling. In case, it does not happen, then include some squirt of air. Repeat until it is correct. Muscle memory is to b used to kick in a manner to keep off the bottom. For retraining the kicking and breathing style, simply kick-pause-kick-pause instead of kick-kick-kick. Before exhaling, he is to begin descending.

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• Dive along with the buddy: Padi scuba diving is best practiced having a buddy along. Solo diving can be risky, especially for amateurs.

• Be aware of own abilities: It will not be good to be overconfident. The person needs to be realistic with regards to his abilities when under the sea.

• Keeps ears and eyes open: Keen observation is of absolute importance. The dive master is to be observed sharply and interacted with. This way, some useful little tricks can be learnt that can be used later.

The truth is with some practice and knowing the tips from the professionals, it is possible to become a good diver.

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