Rain Gutters: What’s The Point?

In homes across America, rain gutters have become a common fixture. We see them lining the roof, and hear the lamentations of the men and women as the day comes to clean them. Furthermore, at no point in human history has the phrase “thank God we have gutters” been recorded. This brings up a question many home owners have probably asked themselves at some time or another: what’s the point? Rain gutters require regular maintenance, and don’t seem to serve much purpose on the surface. That is what this article is for, to demonstrate the importance of having these fixtures on your home and keeping them maintained.

Now, not EVERY home needs a rain gutter. If you live in a part of the world where rain is rare and light, then rain gutters are not strictly necessary. However, if you’re like the rest of us, and have to contend with a regular rainy season, then gutters are an essential part of home maintenance. Here is how they add value to your home.

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A Drier Exit

The first and most obvious benefit comes from what happens when you don’t have rain gutters installed. If you’ve ever stood under an overhang during heavy rains, you are probably familiar with the waterfall-like effect that results from a heavy shower. The consequence is that just walking from under cover to outside can get you as wet as standing outside for a few minutes. Furthermore, if your entryway isn’t wide enough to accommodate an umbrella, then you don’t even have the benefit of using that to shield yourself. A gutter system allows for a more convenient exit from your home without having to get drenched in the sudden waterfall that appeared.

Prevents Basement Leaks

Water will always seek out the lowest point, and your basement represents the lowest point on your property. If your yard is not designed in such a way that all water will always be diverted away from the basement, then you may find yourself suffering from leaks in there. This situation can be even more devastating if you have installed carpeting or other flooring that is susceptible to water damage. While in general it’s good practice for the yard to slope away from the center of the property if you have a basement, having rain gutters installed can ensure against leaks caused by rain falling from the roof.

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Water Damage Defense

Whether you have a basement or not, all that water falling right at the edge of your home means a whole lot of water congregating in one place. This can cause water to get into the foundation and cause water damage to the regions underneath. Over time, this foundation damage can erode the space under your home. When colder months come in and cause the water to freeze, this will cause the tiny fractures to split, adding to the damage. The great thing about gutters is they are designed to direct water away from the foundation of your home. This helps to prevent foundation damage and preserve your home’s structural integrity for years to come.

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Ultimately, it is better to have rain gutters than to not in most cases. While many loathe the maintenance required, it is still an investment but well worth the cost. You can also find many gutter installation and maintenance experts to let you reap the benefits with none of the cost, one great example I would recommend is Aerotech.

The writer of this article, Brennen Kliffmueller, is a do-it-yourself type who strives to keep his home in perfect working order. He can always be found climbing the roof of various buildings to keep everything in good working order. If you wish to learn more you can visit on Google+.

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