Read These Fire Safety Tips For More Insights

Fire outbreaks are in most cases unpredictable, but as unpredictable as they are, it is always safe to be prepared and to have the know-how of how to respond and protect yourself in case you find yourself in the middle of a fire tragedy. Fire outbreaks are emergencies that most governments take very seriously and that is the reason why the law in most country required that every commercial building or employer have at least one staff member undergo some form of Fire Safety Training course. This trained personnel is then charged with the task of disseminating the information to the rest of the employees.

Just to highlight, there is a great importance attached to fire safety and some of the reasons why it is important is because:

  • Through the training, one gets to learn about blazes, how they start or the ignition point. People get to learn about the catalysts to a slight ignition and how they propel the ignition to thrive and burst out. Once all these things come into a clearer understanding, you are in a better position to understand the behaviour of fire and hence how you can deal with it or prevent its spreading.
  • You are in a better position to make the working place much more secure and safer once you undergo the training.
  • You will acquire skills on how to protect yourself from blazes. These skills include the use of a fire extinguisher or fire blanket and also how to effectively lead people to a safe place in case of a fire outbreak.
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Here then are some of the fire safety tips that will in the long run make the fire easier to handle, with lesser cases of casualty or death. In case a fire breaks out in a working environment, the first thing is for the workers to try and contain it if it is small enough. This will prevent more lives from being exposed to danger. However, If the fire is big and has taken over most of the building, workers should exit from the nearest fire exit and should not stop for any personal belongings. As an employer, ensure that you provide a map near elevators and staircases so that people do not lose their way out.

If there is smoke coming through the hallways and breathing is becoming difficult, get on your fours and crawl towards the exit. This way, you will avoid the smoke and get more oxygen. Never open doors without first checking whether there is fire on the other side of the door. This you can do by touching the door to feel how hot or cold it is.

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If you have time on your hands, soak a piece of cloth or tissue in water and cover your nose and mouth. This will go a long way in preventing smoke from chocking you or finding its way into your lungs. Remember to help the elderly people, disabled people and children, if any, to find their way out safely.

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