Real Estate Tips For January 2015

January 2015, they say is a very good time to by a property, especially for the first time investors. The new residential projects coming up have great facilities and location, the low mortgage rate allows the first time investors, buyer, and investors to function smoothly. With the new residential projects in Ahmedabad, the investors are sure to look out for these properties. The market specialists have predicted a rise in the interest rate in the coming year, hence one should really move fast. May it be buying or selling, here are some tips you might want to go through before you invest in real estate this month:

For Sellers:

Right Price:

When you price your property, make sure you price it right. Put up a price that it deserves. Take in account the current market conditions in your area. With the new residential projects being cost efficient and luxurious, make sure you price your house well too. Some believe that negotiation or price reduction is possible later, if you over price the property now. But this strategy is said to be very harmful. This is because the buyers have a price range and they search for homes within their range. The buyers may skip your home if it is too high on the price list.

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 Good Agent:

First and for most, select a good real estate agent who you can trust, your home is most likely your largest investment, make sure you sell it well. While looking for an agent, make sure he is a person with good marketing plans and strategies and also hold a good track record for successful negotiation.

Upgrade and Beautify:

The most important and vital part is getting your home ready for sale. You may also consider consulting a professional stager so your home’s value can be understood and maximized when the buyers see it. Get rid of the unnecessary things and make your house look stylish, maybe by replacing the tired furniture and tidying the place a little so it looks more appealing. You don’t have to have a complete makeover to your house, but updating some areas that are tired can be a good idea. You may such as replace a worn carpet or a leaking tap or a flickering bulb or even the kitchen counter. Adding wooden flooring or a beautiful chandelier or even painting a room or two can help the upgrading process and make your house popular to the buyers.

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For Buyers:

Make a Fix Price Range and Stick to It:

Before you go house hunting, do not forget to meet one or two mortgage lenders and obtain a pre-approved. This will give you an idea as to how much you can spend, and then you can narrow down your choices. The economic situations don’t matter after that, safe side buy the property within your budget.

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Look at the Location:

It does not matter if you are a first-time buyer, investor or existing homeowner. You have to know the best location for your investment. You would rather buy a small house in a good place than a big house in a less preferred location. This will play a vital role if you decide to sell the house later on. A property which is near to a university, school or public transport or any other facility is a good investment, like the new residential projects in Ahmedabad.

Maintain Personal Note:

When you go house hunting, you see a number of houses. It is always advisable to make notes. It can benefit you greatly if you keep a list of the plus and minus points of each house. This avoids the confusion on the last day, as one may end up mixing up features of two houses. Carrying a checklist may help and so will the 1 to 10 rating scale.

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