Recession Forces People To Turn To The Government Jobs

The Government of India is one of the largest employers of the world. Despite of global economic crisis, the public sector in India has been recruiting professionals in large numbers. The job security and mass retrenching of employees in the private sector have forced people to turn towards public sector jobs.

The public sector offers a large number of government jobs for the experienced professionals and fresh graduates. There are numerous opportunities of government jobs in various departments of public sector for skilled and unskilled job seeking individuals. The abundance of these jobs ensures that there is a job available for every qualification and experience level. The main reason for people preferring government jobs is the job security provided by the public sector and the attractive salary packages offered. Unlike the corporate world slavery, the government jobs do not call for extra working hours or excess mental and physical pressure. There is a fixed work for every employee so that the extra burden can be avoided. You are provided with all the paid gazetted national holidays in government jobs.

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The government needs to advertise the positions for the government jobs in order to fulfil the posts. These advertisements for jobs in different departments like railways, defence and utilities can be found and seen on the websites of the respective departments. There are some online job portals, which showcase the government jobs advertisements. The job seekers should always keep a look on these sites. Each state has its own website where you can find government jobs related to that particular state. You can find the advertisements for different government jobs in national daily newspapers also.


There are many benefits associated with the teaching jobs such as higher salary package, better allowances and good retirement plans. The public sector of India is considered to be one of the best employers regarding salary packages and allowances such as HRA, TA, DA and many others. The government jobs let the employees of the public sector to enjoy an enhanced social status in comparison to the private sector professionals of the same level. The government teaching jobs provide a very good retirement and pension plans to the employees ensuring them a secure future even after retiring from the jobs.

The recruitment process for the teaching jobs is very systematic, but the competition is very fierce. In order to get recruited as a government teacher, you must pass Central Teacher Eligibility Test or CTET. There are a large number of people competing for a handful of jobs. You need to stay ahead of the rest of the crowd to ensure your recruitment. The best way of doing that is enrolling in a good coaching centre for CTET. There are many CTET coaching classes in Rohini that have shown promising results in the past and have very good teaching facilities.

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