Review Of Top Crowdfunding Services

Crowdfunding Services

This is a review of Crowdfund Social and other top crowdfunding services. Let’s start with Crowdfund Social because this was the only service I actually used during my project. I wanted to use other services to compare, but I only had enough for their Pro Package and I wanted to go big. Crowdfund Social is also my favorite service because they actually got me results for my project. Based on my research and experience crowdfunding (I’ve had 3 successful projects ranging between 5K – 50K on Kickstarter) here’s my top reasons for choosing Crowdfund Social:

Social media marketing is essential to getting funded. Crowdfund Social is the longest running social media marketing agency for crowdfunders. They know how to raise money through social media and they have the experience to back it up. If you’re not using all the latest strategies and techniques on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc then you’re missing out on a lot of funding potential. Crowdfund Social covers all your social media needs and manages it on a day to day basis.

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Crowdfund Social has a money back guarantee. Crowdfund Social is the only service I found that actually has a money back guarantee. Of course, it has some restrictions listed on their website so it doesn’t get abused by customers, but it worked well for me. I knew that I could sign up withtheir services with confidence that if I didn’t get what I wanted that I could get a full refund. This allowed me to see their whole team in action risk-free and not think twice about signing up. No other service offered this much of a guarantee.

Crowdfund Social is the most experienced. After l launched my latest project on Kickstarter I got many emails and offers from “crowdfunding experts” who wanted to help me raise more money. Most of them I immediately discarded due to not having a phone number or anything to verify if they’re legit. They obviously didn’t make the cut. In my opinion, Crowdfund Social remains the best because of their experience with raising money. They’ve worked on big projects and they have the testimonials to back it up. That’s one of the main things that I look for. Also I noticed that they’ve worked on many different types of projects and have had lots of success. This tells me that they have a good team capable of taking on any challenge you bring them.

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Crowdfunding requires daily activity. Crowdfund Social understands that if you’re not making daily progress to hit the funding goal then you’re going backwards. Every day in crowdfunding counts, especially if you only use Kickstarter like I do. Running a great social media marketing campaign that gets results takes lots of daily management. Crowdfund Social does everything for you. I never once caught them slacking off (even on weekends!) when it came to getting my project the promotion it needed. This helped us maintain enough momentum to get fully funded.

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Thank you for reading my top reasons for choosing Crowdfund Social. If you need help with your project or more specifically with your social media, then I definitely recommend giving them a call. They offer full-servicesolutions to any type of crowdfund marketing needs. You can learn more by visiting them online at

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