Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards – Few Things You Need To Know

Rhythmic gymnastics is a fun and very interesting activity. Many children, teenagers and even adults enjoy the thrill and excitement of rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics Leotard is a basic and most important item used in sports. Many people get confused about rhythmic gymnastics Leotard and training gymnastic costume. They both are completely different from each other.

The leotard of the performer depends upon the personality and brings wholeness to the performance. Choosing the right Leotard for a performance is most difficult task in comparison to the other preparation needed for the actual show.

When you enter the red carpet everything is important. The most essential thing is the leotard because it captures the attention of viewers and judges. The international gymnastics federation does not limit the participants to leotard costume style. Any colors, designs and cuts are allowed for the participant of the performance. There are limitations only about your moral views. Some of the limitations of the rhythmic gymnastics leotard are mentioned below:-

  • Décolleté end point of the gymnastics leotard is in the middle of the breast bone. The lower body should be covered by stretchy Lycra fabrics or under rhythmic gymnastics leotards.
  • The rhythmic leotard sleeves can be of any length. Any variations are possible.
  • The cut of the competition leotard along the bikini line should not be higher than the inguinal fold.
  • The leotard costume should be tight or fitted but should not hamper or restrict the movements of the gymnast.
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Fashion and Gymnastics –

Fashion is also a major part, while choosing the color, design, and basic pattern of the gymnastics leotard. Gymnast’s main goal is to perform flawlessly as well as keep the audience and judges fastened to their seats for the entire performance. Rhythmic gymnastics is a type of entertainment for the viewers. Judges are aware about the technicalities of the performance but for the viewers it is just an act of entertainment.

The choice of gymnast’s leotard should also complement the temper, appearance and music used for the performance. One should pay special attention to the decorations on the gymnastics leotard’s costume. The pattern of the leotard costume looks drastically different from far and close. The decision should be made by keeping in mind that the judges and the viewers are sitting far away from the actual performance stage.

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You can choose crystals for your costume, though they are expensive but if you want to make a lasting impression on your judges and the audience or if you are performing in the evening or at night hour then you should go for crystals studded on the costume. You can shop for rhythmic gymnastics leotardsat the local retail stores or online stores.

Shopping for a gymnastics leotard is not a difficult task. All you need is a clear description about your personality and style that will complement your performance. The costume should be attractive to the viewers and also be comfortable at the same time.

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