Shopping Therapy – An Antidepressant and A Revenge

Shopping therapy could help to deal with depression and stress but only when it is under control

Shopping has long ago stopped being a means to acquire the stuff you need. Rather, shopping has turned into a leisure activity, similarly to watching TV or browsing the Net. However, unlike many other kinds of leisure activities, shopping therapy can be really costly, if you don’t take care of how much you spend.

Shopping Therapy Can Make You Feel Happy

Everybody enjoys a piece of new clothing, a new CD, a game, etc. A new purchase makes us happy. This is quite natural. Pampering oneself is not bad and it creates positive feelings and emotions. This is why many people find shopping to be a stress-reliever and they go shopping every time they feel under stress.

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However, such an approach to shopping and shopping therapy could be very expensive. It is usually women who resort to shopping therapy but more and more men are also becoming addicted to it.

Many female celebrities are often caught with full bags at the stores. However, unlike most ordinary women, celebrities can afford to trash thousands of dollars only just because they feel unhappy.

Shopping therapy might help you feel better and forget about your problems for a while but out of all stress-relievers, it is among the most expensive ones. Unhappiness is not an excuse for spending your weekly budget on a spending spree.

Shopping Therapy Is Revenge

In addition to sadness and depression, a very common reason for resorting to shopping therapy is cheating and marriage problems in general. For a woman, marital and relationship problems are especially painful and as a result, when a woman feels that her partner is unfaithful, a common revenge is to go on shopping therapy and spend his money (or hit him where it really hurts him).

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Once at the store, a lady can buy many useless items – sexy underwear that won’t fit her, clothes that make her look ugly, all sorts of perfumery and cosmetics, kitchen appliances, etc. These purchases, many of which are impulsive purchases, give her the feeling that if she is spending his money, she still has him. As a result, she can spend a lot of money on totally useless junk. Of course, if she is wise, she could buy items she really needs and has long craved for but usually when she is taking a revenge on him for adultery, the desire is to buy whatever available just to make him pay.

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Either way, no matter what the reasons are, shopping therapy can be very expensive. You not only clutter your home with countless junk, but you also drain your finances. Later, when you see the bill, your mood will hardly be so cheerful. So, if you want to keep shopping therapy a therapy, you need to learn how to avoid impulsive shopping and keep track of the money you spend. To know more stuff like this please visit sites and

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