SKYRC iMAX B6 V2 –In-Depth Review

If you are serious about the hobby, accept no alternates. This programmable charger is presently state-of-the-art and it will retain you going for a comparatively low cost and has some rapid charging volumes that would leave you in awe. The modular structure of this charger permits you to add all kinds of cool abilities if you select to invest a slight bit more money, extending from temperature sensors toward keep the whole thing safe to a WIFI unit which will let you entrée your batteries info remotely.

It is lightweight, and the additional money will save you a load of time while it comes to charging batteries. Ponder it sturdily if you’re deeply involved in the RC hobby plus you’ll never look back.

This is the biggest RC battery charger accessible for our list of finest RC car Battery Accessories plus derives with an entire host of options that would encounter any charging requirement. One of the exclusive things around this charger is that you could plug diverse batteries in, and get the voltage meter toward see how much charge is enduring. Moreover, internal resistance meters specify how much resistance is inside the battery while charging, to show the fitness of each battery.

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One excessive thing around this RC battery charger is that it has a PC connectivity port so as to you could plug into your PC and update it by the latest firmware as well as fix any bugs from preceding software. This means that you would get the maximum accurate data through each charge.

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The SKYRC iMAX B6 is a compacted entry-level balance charger that does not skimp on reliability plus performance. It offers amply of value for those looking for a good balance charger that will not burn a hole in their wallet.

The B6 is the lesser and more reasonable one of SKYRC’s two maximum popular balance charger (the additional one being the larger and somewhat more advanced B6AC V2). It is furthermore the more widespread one associated to its larger sibling because of its very reasonable price tag.

The B6 is graded at 50W / 6A and could charge a extensive variety of batteries which comprise lithium polymer (Li Po), lithium ferrum (Li Fe) plus lithium ion (Li Ion), nickel metallic hydride (Ni Mh), lead acid (Pb) as well as nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) batteries. One valuable feature on the B6 is that it could be powered using  a 12V DC supply which means you could use your car battery to power it outside when you are having one of these long flying sessions away from home.

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When buying the iMAX B6, be cautious of counterfeit products. Purchasing from reputable retailers for example Hobby King otherwise GearBest is a decent way to make certain you don’t end up purchasing a fake B6. Fake chargers tend to feature FETs that are prepared using cheap resources and are less precise while charging and checking battery cells. This can lead to batteries getting over-charged as well as not balanced properly which can lead toward high long term prices in substituting damaged batteries.

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