Solar Pool Heating Panels- Get The Best Panels

Solar is one of the cheapest sources of energy that human beings can always harness for their better future lives. The amount of heat energy received on the surface of the earth is in the form of insolation. If you own an outdoor swimming pool and live in a region where winters are usually cool and long, sun light is the best source of vitamins for your body. You might be always looking for options like heating your swimming pool water without breaking your budget. However, on ground surfaces electric pool heaters always proves to be quite efficient for such usages. But they are quite costlier in terms of electric bills so the best choice is switch to alternate source of renewable energy.

The newer solutions that are becoming quite popular for heating pool water includes swimming pools installed with heat pumps and solar heating panels. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with the technology.

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Solar Pool Heating Panels

These panels can be used to raise the temperature of pool water by about ten to fifteen degrees across the outside air temperature. However, if you stay in a region that is already cool, you need to look for solar heating panels. The use of sun’s energy for heating of your pool is of course the best choices. The pool acts as a wonderful renewable energy solution for human beings in many aspects. These solar pools are quite economical also in many senses. But, the drawback associated with the panels also includes that they don’t work effectively on cloudy days. So, on a cloudy day, you might have to manage with the cold water itself. You also need to own a lot of space for the installation of the solar panels that might be an issue for less spacious pool locations.

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Swimming pool heater pumps- The solar pool heating panels heats up the water in the pool in different other ways also. These swimming pool heat pumps works in a different way as compared to standard electric pool heaters. These pools usually capture the heat of the outside air space and then it turns up into hot gas as to warm up the pool water. These pools are usually more efficient than electric pool heaters and are quite reliable as well. They will provide you with warmer water than the solar heating panels. However, cost has always been the major factor. They own complicated piece of machinery and its costs more for a standard unit. But, they will surely add value to your home décor.

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  • They have high volume thermodynamic collectors
  • They have Cross flow manifolds with thermostatic controls
  • They are recognized for high quality performance solar pumps

The solar heating technology usually works by circulating the water in the pool with the help of pumps and special tubes. These tubes are heating the water by using the panels as to convert sun’s rays into heat energy. The water reaches back to the pool as to raise the temperature level. There are several factors that will increase the overall performance of the solar heated pool systems.

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