Take A Trip Down Sweet Memory Lane

Who doesn’t remember going to their local corner shop after school as a child and filling a paper bag full of their favourite sweets? Not too many years ago, you’d find a pick ‘n’ mix shelf in almost every newsagents, however over the years, we’ve unfortunately seen the demise of the corner shop in favour of larger convenience stores. As a result, today’s youth are more used to simply picking a chocolate bar from the shelf as opposed to picking their own sweets, however that doesn’t mean that the memories of doing this and the cravings for some of the all-time classic sweets still aren’t there.

There’s A Great British Sweet Revival Going On!

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Online sweet shops such as Ashby Treats are thankfully keeping the Great British sweet revival alive and kicking, offering a fantastic range of traditional and retro sweets which will by any means take you on a trip down sweet memory lane. Whether you’re longing to relive your childhood trips to the sweet shop or introduce your own children to the classics which you grew up with, it’s great to know that they’re still available, just not in the local corner shop anymore.

Lovely Little Advent Boxes

We mention Ashby Treats above following their feature on ITV’s This Morning back in December. This small but creative team had the great idea of putting together Advent Boxes, something which the popular TV show picked up on in the run up to Christmas. In short, it was a very simple but very effective idea, putting 24 candy striped bags into a craft box, each individually numbered with the dates and filled with delicious treats. For both children and adults who are young at heart, the boxes proved to be a huge hit and to be featured on morning TV was a real accolade!

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Above all, it’s great to see that many of the sweets which we all enjoyed when we were younger haven’t died out completely and are still available in many forms. From individual jars through to full on retro sweet hampers and gift boxes, for those with a sweet tooth and a great memory, there’s many different ways to satisfy your cravings and bring back those memories of the sweets you enjoyed as a child.

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Don’t be afraid to treat yourself every now and again. Too much focus is placed upon having a health kick all of the time, however a little bit of something you enjoy never did anyone any harm and when it tastes as good as many of the retro sweets on offer, it’s no surprise!

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