The Basics Of Holistic Dentistry

When you research holistic dentistry, you’ll find that holistic dentists have a focus of one’s overall health and how their dental hygiene is directly connected to their well-being. Holistic dentists use non-surgical periodontal gum therapies and safe non-chemical/toxic materials. Should you visit a holistic dentist, they’ll likely enforce natural remedies when it comes to fighting infections; both viral and bacterial.  Why? Because such therapies are better for you and your overall well-being. They take a ‘whole-body’ approach in order to achieve only the best outcome for the patient. Especially patients recovering from auto-immune disorders, cancers and other diseases. If you prefer to have a healthy option for restoring your dental hygiene and remain healthy while doing so then you’ll be satisfied with a holistic dentist.

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I’m the team dentist for The Long Island Lizards Lacrosse team with a primary focus of evaluating the dental status of each player. I then correct any issues that might have an effect on their sports performance. Such issues typically include cavities, broken or chipped teeth, infections of the gum or even wisdom teeth issues. These are actually the primary dental problems that could hinder an athlete from performing their best; and sometimes prevent them from even playing.

While it’s not uncommon for the trainer to be in charge of the players overall health conditions, many have started taking advantage of a holistic dental professional to also assist. Why? Because we can help determine what existing dental conditions might be affecting the remainder of the players body and health. Identifying and correcting imbalances is important for the overall well-being of athletes.

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In addition to those listed above, other dental problems that could affect an athlete’s performance include:

  • Mercury Exposure – this would be from ‘silver’ fillings provided by traditional dentists.
  • Periodontal Gum Infections
  • Poorly Healed Extractions
  • Jaw/Bite Imbalances
  • Chronic Jawbone Infections – often experienced after root-canals.

Many times a person won’t experience the negative effects caused by any or all of the above dental conditions and that’s actually quite normal. However, once they’ve become exposed to these stressors for long periods of time, they start to notice a variety of changes; how their body responds to stress (both physical and mental), injury,  surgery and rehab. Only then is it discovered what the ’cause’ could be and holistic dentists can help avoid these instances from occurring.


If you’re looking to compliment your existing sports medicine then consider Holistic Sports Dentistry. Whether you play sports professionally or you simply have a very active lifestyle, you can gain a more competitive edge through holistic dentistry.

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