The Safety And Convenience Of Self-Storage Units

Self-storage solutions have come a long way, since the idea of storage was first introduced as an option for people needing somewhere to keep their belongings for a fee. Gone are the days when the only option for storing your possessions was in a massive warehouse, among other people’s belongings. This concept also limited access to your items and meant that every time you wanted to retrieve something you were charged and also had to book ahead with the reliable dependable storage company.

Today thanks to the increasingly popular self-storage units now available, people wishing to store their belongings for whatever purpose can have immediate access to their secure storage space at times that are convenient to them and for no extra cost! This is particularly useful in the case of business storage where business owners may require regular access to old archives. Many businesses often run out of office space and therefore opt to lease self-storage space where they can keep their files at hand for a monthly fee! You may also see lots of storage units visited on a daily basis, as retail businesses need to handle orders and manage their stock!

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Another pro to choosing self-storage units for home storage is that if you are in the middle of relocating, you may need somewhere short-term to store your belongings and furniture. With frequent access your storage facility, you can remove items or add to your bulk at your convenience! Another great thing about the self-storage units is that they come in all sizes, catering to those with large quantities of furniture, or smaller units, which are perfect for student storage!

The secure storage of your belongings with self-storage units is guaranteed, as only you will be in possession of a key. Most storage facilities rely on the customers to provide their own padlock, which will keep their belongings safe and secure. Check to make sure, but the majority of storage facilities have 24 hour CCTV and guards on duty for the added protection of your valuables!

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Self-storage units can be hired for any amount of time, to temporarily store surplus belongings or on a more permanent basis in secure and guarded environment. You can also store from week to week if you choose and therefore won’t need to give ample notice before vacating your storage unit. Another terrific advantage is that because self-storage units are usually located on the ground you can drive straight up to them. This makes loading and unloading your belongings exceptionally easy and convenient.

The cost of leasing a self-storage unit is also extremely reasonable. You can pay on a monthly basis without the hassle and commitment of signing a yearly lease. However if you do want to pay in advance for an entire year to suit your long-term storage needs, then you are likely to get a discounted storage price!

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With more and more people choosing to keep surplus items in self-storage facilities, companies are now operating in an ever-increasing competitive market. Many storage firms offer boxes and packing supplies to customers as well as trolleys on wheels to facilitate the transportation of goods into your self-storage unit! While storage facilities never offered insurance before, the majority of companies will give you a protection plan, for an extra fee!

A rather new form of storage offered by some firms is a mobile self-storage unit, which is delivered to your home. You can then pack up your storage unit and once it’s full, the company will collect it and return it to its storage facility.

As you can see there are countless benefits to using self storage, such as no long term contracts, 24 hour access, privacy, promise of security, a wide range of self-storage unit sizes and so much more.

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