The Secrets To A Long Marriage

Karam and Kartari Chand are believed to have been married longer than anyone else in the world, having been wed in 1925 and remaining together ever since. They met in a small, very rural village in northern India and followed the customs of that time, married at a reasonably young age. According to the information on their passports, Mr Karan Chand is now 106 years old, with his wife being born seven years later and now approaching her 100th birthday.

As the news of their long marriage broke, many people have asked what they think are the secrets to their achievement. News is spreading of their lengthy commitment, with lessons from their relationship to be translated into other people’s lives too based on the advice given by the happy elderly couple.

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According to the couple, one of the most important things they have pledged in their long marriage is to be faithful to each other. A traditional part of the wedding vow, it’s important to remain committed to a partner in order to sustain a relationship. When times are difficult it can be appealing to look for company or attention elsewhere, but in the long term this is damaging to the stability of the relationship and can cause serious issues.


Another overlooked area in longer relationships can be kindness. In the beginning, it is easy to make small gestures which come from a place of love and warmth because the relationship is still exciting. At the start of a new partnership, there is an immense satisfaction in making the other person happy in some small way. Later, it is easy to take each other for granted and to become less actively helpful, while those in happy long term marriages suggest that making a conscious effort to be tolerant and kinder to each other makes a real difference.

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Shared Values

Of course, a relationship with someone whose political or religious views are directly opposed to your own is unlikely to be a success. However, sharing common values can also include things like life insurance, childcare aspirations and healthcare plans. Looking at information from sites like The Mortgage Warehouse and making sure both partners are on the same path is an important step in building a strong long term partnership.


Everyone enjoys laughing and it’s also crucial that these happy times are shared with the person you love the most. Sharing in happy memories builds a history of shared experience, while laughter itself has many benefits in terms of improving mood and making us feel lighter and more contented. Mr and Mrs Chand also believe this is something that has helped them stay married for so many years.

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Time Together

Lastly, making sure to spend time in each other’s company actively listening to what the other is saying helps to forge bonds and make sure the married couple are a cohesive unit. Listening and asking questions helps to make sure both people feel valued, while time together reinforces the reason that they got married in the first place.

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