The SUST Teachers Are Attacked By The Student League

In order to eliminate the current Vice Chancellor of the Shahajalal University of Science & Technology, the teachers and the staffs, who were on strike, were being attacked by the unknown terrorists, who are supposed to be the supporter of the powerful team. But the team, who were accused at this complain, just totally rejected this. Moreover, they also complained against the teachers for the physical harassement. So, now the current situation of this university is not too much good enough. This situation happened on Sunday at 8.15AM, infront of the VC office.This situation was very embarrasing for  fox news live stream.

From the sources of the SUST and the witnesses, it came to know that, a councilor meeting was about to take place at 10AM in the Academic Building of this university. For this purpose, the teachers, who were on strike to eliminate the VC, declared to take a position infront of the VC office. But on the other side, the students, who are against this strike, but the supporter of the current political party, took the same position from the 7AM, as the name of the general students.

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So, when the VC came to his office at7.30AM, the striker teachers tried to stop him to enter into his office. But the political supporter, student league helped him to enter into the office. That’s why an argument and collision took place between the teachers and the students.

One of the parts of the teachers, who are on strike, from the behalf of them, Sayed Samshul Haque had said that, the members of the student league had attacked them andtortured the teachers included by the Dr. Yeasmin Haque. He also demanded that, the student league directed this mission intentionally, but not even intentionally what are they saying that.

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Therefore, from the behalf of the student league, it’s vice resident, Anjan Roy demanded that, his team didn’t create any situation of attacking or torturing. There were separate place taking programs were running, which were directed by the general students and on the other side, by the teachers who were on the strike. He also demanded that. When the VC tried to go to his office, but at the same time, the teachers tried to stop him from entering. That’s why the students forum just assist the VC to enter, nothing else.

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On this topic, the VC, Aminul Haque Vuiyan said that, “The Academic Counceling meeting was about to happen on today. But at the time of attending there, the teachers just stopped me to attend there. No other cheap things were happening such like this in the history of the SUST.”

The police arrived the campus after being after this situation. But they didn’t arrest anyone as the guilt of this criteria. So, the teachers, who are on strike, felt very ashamed and requested the police officers to take the immediate steps to find out the actual attacker and punished them. But it is quite surprising that, the police was remaining quite irrespossive.

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