Things To Expect During An Employee Screening

Getting a job is both stressful and exciting at the same time.While every employer will have different procedures they go through during the hiring process, there are some typical activities that can be expected.

Depending on the type of work, the screening can include fingerprinting, credit checks, criminal background checks, skills testing, drug testing, medical physicals, personality tests, and other job specific testing.  While not all jobs will require all of the evaluations, it is very likely some form of subjective criteria will be used to differentiate between job candidates.

Screening may even occur after employment in response to changes in position, condition, or an accident.  Screening does not have to be a negative experience and can be an excellent opportunity to show your value to your employer.


The type of job being pursued will typically require testing that makes sense.  You are not going to be fingerprinted for a janitor at a restaurant unless that restaurant is located inside of government headquarters.  You will not have to take a physical to work as a secretary.

The rights to privacy of an employee are protected on many different levels of the government and in order to impose upon that right an employer must have justifiable cause.  To prepare for an employee screening requires a little bit of research but can be done.

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When you are seeking employment and want to introduce a competitive edge, it is to your advantage to know the requirements for obtaining the job.  If you are pursuing a licensed position such as a truck driver, the states who receive federal highway funds have to agree to specific licensing requirements to issue a license for heavy equipment.

Drivers are required to take a physical, pass a road test, and pass an equipment knowledge test as part of the licensing process.  If you are applying for a job that will pay for your training and testing, you can take the physical in advance to demonstrate to the potential employer that you are worth the investment and that you will meet the necessary medical screening.

If you are going for a sales position, there may be a psychological examination.  Make sure you understand how the tests work and that you have plenty of rest.  You may be the perfect person for the job but be terrible at taking tests.  Take the time to find out what lies ahead of you!

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Testing can be a very stressful proposition, and it is not a part that businesses enjoy either.  When an employer is screening you, they are making an assessment of your character simultaneously.  They are watching how you respond and manage yourself throughout the process.

If you show up late, challenge the basic principles/authorities, or fail to follow precise instructions it will not produce good results.  Be positive, proactive, and an excellent listener.  Employers do not like to repeat themselves, and the goal is to hire someone who will follow instructions.  There is no substitute for an employee who will do what you ask and who will do it well.

Postemployment Screens

Having an accident is a precursor to an employee screening.  When you have an accident that results in bodily harm or damage to property, you can expect various screening measures.   You will certainly have to take a drug screen and possibly a breathalyzer.  Depending on the nature of the accident you may have to see a mental doctor of some sort for evaluation.

Another type of post-employment screen may be to test your skill sets if you are seeking other opportunities in the company.  The employer may want to see you assemble something or supervise a project.   In either case, you want to prepare yourself mentally for the supervised evaluation of your performance.

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Some people do not do well when they are under scrutiny.  Testing is meant to seek concrete results, and your acceptance of the testing process will directly impact your performance.  Try to remove any emotions that will affect your performance.  When it comes to screening try to be as ready to do your part as you can and do not complicate the process.

Human resources can provide you with the necessary information you need to gain confidence in the selection process.  With confidence, you can approach screening like a professional and represent yourself in a way that actually represents your abilities.

The author, Ray Donato, is the sort of person who believes that even the most mundane of procedures can be turned into an opportunity. He plans to start a small business in the future, and set up medical screening for his future employees he plans to visit You can learn more about Ray on Google+.

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