Tips For Organizing A Successful and Inexpensive Barbecue

Tips For Organizing A Successful and Inexpensive Barbecue

Do you know a better way to gather your friends, spend a few hours outside and eat at home? But a barbecue is not easy either, in fact it can be a bit stressful. So I leave here a few tips for organizing a barbecue successfully developed after many years roasting meat.

Invite Your Friends

The first thing you have to do, first of all, is to be clear who you want to invite. Want to organize a big barbecue, or stay in a small meeting between friends? Both plans can be fun, but obviously not require the same organization.

Invite people as your free time: phone calls, or just in person. The decision is yours, but if you plan to do a big hangout recommend the online invitations, which are easier to control. Do not forget to order from attendees and, above all, find out if they want to bring more people with them (partners, children, etc.). A good trick is to create a group of WhatsApp with all the guests to communicate with them about the schedule, the type of food and everything that may be required.

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Decide Barbecue Schedule

The second thing we have to be clear is: what kind of BBQ want to organize? Is it lunch or dinner?

This decision depends largely on the people you want to invite.

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Where do you want to make your Barbecue?

Organize a barbecue in a garden or on a terrace are two very different issues. Be clear how many people you will meet and where they will sit to eat. For example, if your guests do not fit on your balcony keep in mind that most of the barbecue will move to your living room, so prepare additional seats, keep the fragile things, napkins, etc. However, if the barbecue is done outdoors, you have to think about shadows, covers to protect food from bugs, including sunscreen … And of course activities (games for children, music, etc.) are different according to the feast takes place outside or inside.

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What about Food, what?

Now that you have all purchased and the day has come, time to get cooking. I recommend you take out everything that needs no sooner the better preparation. Leave everything on the table while you are preparing the food, so that when people arrive not have to run to prepare, but you can concentrate on the food.

Well, I think if you follow all these tips you can organize a successful barbecue. I do recommend a list of things to do and check off tasks to not miss.

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