Tips That Can Work Wonders For Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood is considered to be one of the most efficient and reliable flooring material for offices and homes. This type of flooring gives a stylish yet classic look that everyone adores. These hardwood floors have been reminiscent of historic places like Europe and early America. Harwood flooring has become popular in modern day décor, in order to maintain hard wood floors they must be refinished. Hardwood floor refinishing is a must to maintain your floors elegance and beauty.

The need of refinishing arises as these types of floor do wear out over time that can make them dull. Though hardwood may last for a lifetime the polish or finishing does not. Over time it can wither and get damaged because of overuse. The wearing can be easily observed in those parts of the flooring that have to withstand high foot traffic. Now, when the hardwood wears out, then this not only makes it difficult to clean, but at the same time it appears unpleasant to the eyes. Therefore, for perceiving the beauty as well as the durability of your hardwood flooring you need periodic refinishing and maintenance.

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Never Neglect Refinishing For Your Hardwood Flooring  

The good news is that almost every refinishing job can be carried out with ease. First to check to see whether the finishing coat is present, you will need water. Pour  water on the floor and check if the water forms small beads, the presence of beads indicate that the finishing coat is still present and you do not have to apply a new coat.

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But, if the results are vice-versa then this means the hardwood flooring needs immediate refinishing. To carry out full scale refinishing there are four things that you will need, first is a bucket of water, cloth, finishing coat remover and finishing coat.

The first step is to clean the flooring so as to remove any sort of dust, debris or dirt on it. To do this vacuum the floor, and wipe away any additional dust to get rid of it. The next step is to take the finishing coat remover and mix it with water, be sure to mix it well.  Then use this mixture for removing the old dull finishing coat that you have on the flooring.

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Once removed, let the floor dry down and then after a few minutes take the finishing coat and apply the required amount of coat with the help of a brush. After the application of the new coating leave the floor and allow it to dry. It usually takes about 6-8 hours for the coat to dry depending upon the type of hardwood refinishing that you are carrying out.

When the floor dries out, you will get back the beauty, spark and elegance that it had before in no time.


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