Tips To Accessorize Your Bracelets

Pandora charms

Accessorizing is an art which can be mastered with practice. While a number of women add bracelets in coordination with their other accessories or outfits, there are some who have eliminated them entirely from their jewelry boxes. The reasons often heard are – “they are too clunky”, “it’s hard to match them” or “they are not occasioned appropriate. If your bracelet complaints align with the ones mentioned here, then below listed are top savvy tips to accessorize bracelets like a pro:

1)     Consider Quality: Everyone becomes a victim of “impulse buying” and not all of them come out to be pleasant in the long run. Do spend some time thinking about where you are going to wear the splurge, the number of outfits your new bracelet can go with. If your answer is once and done, then it’s better to look for other options. Opt for an all-rounder such as a Pandora leather bracelet which will let you pull off many styles with ease.

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 Pandora leather bracelet

2)     Get Those Chunks to The Point: One thing which you would like to avoid while at the office is disrupting the work environment with the clanking sound of your bangles. This is where a chunky bracelet stacked in the form of bangles will come in handy. Pick one in silver or gold tone which will not only look stylish but will also let you work in peace.

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3)     Look for Ones With Dual- Function:  A lot of bracelets are available in the market which can actually double up as a watch. The odds however are, you have probably heard of them or even considered buying one. It’s time to go ahead and actually make it a part of your jewelry box.

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4)     Have Fun with Pearly Beads:  Beaded bracelets are fashionable, comfortable and trendy at the same time. The best part is they go well with both western as well as traditional attire. While wearing one is the staple trend, do not hesitate to stack for a more boho-chic look. You can consider adding some Pandora charms to your stack of bracelets for a classier look. While Turquoise beads will add the much-needed charm to your flowing maxi-dress, pure white pearls will add an edge to your cute short dress look.

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