Titanium Cookware For You

When you are trying to lose weight, one method lot of people use is calorie counting. However, a lot of people do this wrong, and I do not take into account all of the little extras that rack up calories. For instance, if you cook yourself two eggs and use oil in the pan, you can’t simply say, “I ate two eggs today”. You ate two eggs plus that oil, and chances are the oil had more calories than the actual eggs! Look at what you eat every day and ask yourself how many times you have cooked with oil, butter, margarine etc. If you use those a lot, even a little bit at a time, throughout the day those calories rack up. Cutting out all oil, butter, and margarine can reduce your calories up to 500 calories per day in some cases. But how do we do this? Usually, when you cook eggs or other things in a pan with no other butter or oil, the food sticks or burns and it’s just a complete mess. Well thankfully, there are new advances in cookware these days and we have a couple of options to look at which will allow us to cook with no butter and no oil. There are two of cookware that will allow you to cook with no butter and oil.

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Teflon Cookware

Teflon is an old standard that is known to be nonstick. However, after some use these types of pans require oil and butter anyway. Additionally, they are also known to pose a health risk especially if the Teflon flakes off and is ingested. Teflon contains toxic chemicals such as PFOA, which can become airborne if the Teflon is used on high heat. Teflon is however, ectremely cheap. So the advantage to Teflon cookware is that it is super cheap, however the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last very long and poses health risks.

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Titanium Cookware

The beauty of Titanium Cookware is that it has all the properties that allow you to cook without oil, and do it effectively, but with a moderate price tag and without the worry of ingesting toxic chemicals. Titanium is non toxic and has been used in medical instruments for years. There are several different brands of titanium cookware, however the main difference between brands is thickness of the titanium. You can spend a lot of money on German titanium cookware which is very thick, or you can spend less money on an American brand that has a thinner layer of titanium, but still works extremely well. Both types are guaranteed. In conclusion, I hope that you will see that by eliminating oil and butter from your daily diet, you can shave off a ton of calories which will help you lose weight a lot faster. You just need to decide which type of cookware is best for you to accomplish this.

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