Traffic Laws And Their Importance

There is a certain set of rules required for all departments within a society to ensure that all of them flow smoothly. The set of rules are also significant to ensure that the rights are protected of the people using the roads in any vehicle or even on foot. Just like a lawyer cannot enter a court without knowing he has to follow proper conduct in order to leave as the victor, users know that they cannot take their vehicles on the street and drive as they please without following proper conduct.

In order to minimize tragedies, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that he is following the traffic laws as well as he possibly can. The basic traffic laws include:

  1. Driving in your own lane

  2. Driving at a certain speed

  3. Whether to slow down or speed up at turns

  4. To wear your seatbelt at all times

  5. To ensure children are placed in car seats

  6. To wear helmets if travelling on motorbikes

  7. To not place more than two people on the back of a motorbike

  8. To not overtake any vehicle from the left side

  9. To stop at signals

  10. To not drive under influence

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All of the above ensure that each individual stays in their own lane and does not disrupt the flow of cars in each respective lanes. As a result of this the number of mishaps can be reduced.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are present on roads almost everywhere in the world; the purpose of these signs is to indicate to people where they are and what speed limit and rules they must observe in order to drive in that respective area peacefully. These signs include:

  1. Stop

  2. Slow down

  3. Construction ahead

  4. Land sliding ahead etc.

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These prepare the driver for what is to come in his path as he drives along.

Most of the times, traffic laws weigh more heavily on the behavior and attitude of the driver as opposed to the traffic signs. If a driver does not take the traffic laws seriously, that is when the authorities step in and charge them with the felony that was committed. The entire purpose of the laws is to ensure that no harm comes about to any driver, vehicle or pedestrian. Thus, if any pedestrian ignores the regulations, they are even charged or fined with a ticket. In extreme cases, such as drunk driving, individuals are also jailed.

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If all the rules and laws are followed properly, they result in a harmonious flow of traffic. They also minimize the chances of a “sudden death.” If a driver does not follow the speed limit, there are chances that they will run over a pedestrian who suddenly appears on the street. Sometimes, in their struggle to save the pedestrian the cars also slam into one another and create an even bigger tragedy.

Therefore, countries all over the world have introduced traffic laws and regulations to maintain road decorum, and to ensure that people are safe on the roads, always.

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