Would you like to add style and refinement to any space? Presently you can undoubtedly do so with the IGNIS. The high style and unique contemporary outline of the IGNIS Wall Mounted line of items permits the atmosphere of a fireplace to be reveled in any space and with specific styles intended for indoor and open air utilization. The IGNIS Wall Mounted line of items is certain to match most any decor.

Luna – Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace – Warm Inside, Beautiful Outside:

You’ll fall quick and hard for the smooth contemporary look of the Luna Wall Mounted Ventless Ethanol Fireplace. It offers a sunken glass front as a choice that serves to escalate the look of the blazes inside to set a warm, agreeable vibe in any room. This simple to-introduce wall mount fireplace clings any wall, so it consumes up vertical room rather than space on your carpet, which makes it ideal for conservative zones, including little rooms and condo. This current unit has an aggregate yield of around 4,000 BTUs with a rough smolder time of around two hours for each one refill.

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Magnum – Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace – Bigger yet Smaller:

Set the inclination for sentiment with this Magnum Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace. It offers a show ceasing configuration with a one-piece outline produced using strongly wonderful stainless steel that will have the consideration concentrated on your wall. This unit is outfitted with three 1.5-liter burners to hurl to 18,000 BTUs to keep your snuggly warm. Mount it on the wall or introduce it in a recessed setting for adaptability, and it is in a perfect world estimated for establishment underneath a wall-mounted TV. It is accessible with discretionary security glass and is certain to furnish you with years of welcoming warmth.

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Maximum – Wall Mounted Ventless Ethanol Fireplace – Bigger the Better:

Make a bigger region feel more cozy and welcoming with the warmth of this Maximum Wall Mounted Ventless Ethanol Fireplace. This huge wall mount fireplace is perfect for extensive rooms or for business application in bars or restaurants, and it can likewise be introduced in a recessed application for a much more streamlined look. The smooth, present day configuration of this wall-mounted unit emphasizes six individual flares in a stainless edge that gives your wall a contemporary look. It is outfitted with six ethanol burners with an aggregate estimated yield of 36,000 BTUs, so it is sufficiently measured to keep an enormous range toasty warm

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