What Are The Main Types Of Spices Available Around The World?

Spices and herbs have been pursued after since the origin of medical science, but there are numerous people who still confuse the terms spice and herb. A spice is mainly the dried fruiting body of a plant, whole fruit, kernel or seed.

Spices are very important in cooking life, especially in Asia. Many of these spices come from far-off places like India and South East Asia or Mexico and the Caribbean. The spice trade that brought these once rare spices back to Europe created huge fortunes for many trading companies. Indeed, the spice trade can be traced back over 5000 years and was instrumental in establishing commerce and trade around the globe.

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Saffron- Saffron is easily the most expensive spice in the Earth. It occurs from the blue flowering crocus. Luckily, just a small quantity is necessary to impart its beautiful color and smell to food. Saffron is used in paella, plus many sauces, rice, and seafood dishes.

Grains of Paradise– Also known as Melegueta pepper or Guinea grains. It occurs from the Amomum melegueta tree that originates in West Africa. This tree is connected to both ginger and cardamom.

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Sumac-Sumac comes from the dried berries of the plant Rhus coriaria also known as Sicilian Sumac or the North American Sumac Rhus aromatica. Thither are many varieties of Sumac and some are poisonous, so care must be contracted to avoid those kinds.

Ajwain-Also recognized as Ajowan caraway, Bishops weed or Carom seeds It delivers a smell similar to caraway seeds or thyme, but harder. It is practiced in small quantities after it has been dry roasted or fried in ghee or oil. It goes to the Apiaceae family along with cilantro and cumin. It is practiced in India and Pakistani cuisine.

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Kala Jeera- It is in the parsley family and is popular in Northern Indian Cuisine to flavor rice and meat dishes. It brings a deep nutty flavor that is somewhat grassy. The seeds are small and hemispherical shaped and causes a sharp bitter odor. It is also recognized as black cumin. All Clip can provide you some extra info about these spices.

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