What Does Mean G, E, 3G, H + and 4G On Your Smartphone Screen?

Meaning of letters G, E, 3G, H and 4G in your mobile phone near Internet signal indicator? Learn the meaning of these mobile symbols. One looks forward to a very important and which the call to be sure, These little letters that appear in the upper corner on your smart phone display and give you valuable information on the use that you can make your phone? G sometimes, sometimes E, and better 3G, H + or 4G. These small letters indicate the loading speed of a web page for example, to send a photo or document or the quality of our communications.

Smartphone Network Letters

In practice we are looking obviously an optimal network since we pay our subscriptions, and choose our operator depending on the quality of the network. And we all know that when the 4G symbols, H + or 3G are available, we can remain calm. But in reality, the meaning of these letters? Proceed in ascending order:

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G-Gprs (General Packet Radio Service)

It is without doubt the slowest connections. It is very slow. And because of the slow data rate, it’s only useful for sending a few messages on WhatsApp, Its only advantage is that all the phones can connect to it. But with such a small speed, Data Rates in GPRS are 56-114 kbps.

E-Edge (Enhanced Data Rates For Gsm Evolution)

This is a little better, but it’s not that. For some the letter E is similar to 3G, it lies in between in 3G and 2G, think again. With a speed of 400 kbps uses are limited to calls and messages and mails without photos. It is still very slow!

3G or Umts (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)

It’s better here. Operators had touted the merits of our 3G network and it is true that it was much better than what we know. Finally, it was possible to use their smartphone for almost all videos, emails, surfing picture. 3G is still a popular network and its speed of data rate can go up to 42 Mbits/second.

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3g + or H For HSPA (High Speed Packet Access)

It can provide peak data rate of 14 Mbps is to download and more than 5.7Mbps for upload, you can stream YouTube videos without any interruption. Very interesting speeds. The loading speed of a video quality is acceptable.

H + or DC (Dual-Cell High Speed Packet Access +)

This is enhanced HSPA, data transfer in H+ will make your video to download or it provides uninterrupted video stream services. It can send and receive large data without asking too many questions. We begin to achieve a comfortable speed.

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4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution)

There we reach high speed 100 Mbps (download) and 50mbps upload speed and it is then easy to use smartphone with such speed. The flow is sometimes better than some internet service providers, in particular conditions of course.

4G + or LTE-A (Long Term Evolution Advanced)

Very few currently deployed, internet users are starting to implement this faster network. With speeds of up to 150Mbps we fly. It is easy to watch a movie such 1080p streaming easily. It will take against by opting for a package accordingly and a compatible smartphone, and for the moment the choice is still limited.

Now you know what to expect when you look at the top corner of your smartphone and you will see the little letter that until now was not talking to you more than that.

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