What Makes Granite So Popular

It would appear that the options are endless for worktops within your kitchen, with so many sizes, colours, thickness to choose from, it can become a complicated decision to make.

Top 7 Worktop Surfaces to Choose From:

  • Bamboo – Is the most eco-friendly work surface available, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is therefore highly sustainable. It provides a warm-to-the-touch surface, bamboo is ideally suited to most neutral colour schemes and lends itself perfectly to almost every kitchen situation; each worktop bearing its own unique grain pattern.
  • CaesarStone – This material is comprised of 93% crushed quartz combined with a high-quality polymer resin. When combined with a pigment, the product is compacted into dense, non-porous slabs, which can be hewn to suit any kitchen design brief. CaesarStone has numerous advantages over natural stone in that it is more durable, stronger and cleaner and has an enduring shine that exudes quality.
  • Composite stone is a man-made, refined material produced from a 2:1 ratio mixture of crushed quartz and resin to create a work surface with all the charm and practicality of natural stone. Elegant but tough, its highly polished finish is ideal for use as a heavy use counter top and boasts many practical properties such as being heat resistant up to 146°C, stain, scratch and water-resistant – as well as being available in a wide range of colourways.
  • Glass work surfaces are very much at the higher spectrum of the market and quiterightly so. Perfect for those seeking a sleek, contemporary feel in a modern kitchen, glass offers limitless design possibilities and can be formed to suit any configuration for counter tops, splashbacks and breakfast bars up to 25mm thick. As hard-wearing as it is stylish, glass is easy to keep clean as well as being acid, oil and water resistant.
  • Granite –The most popular choice in kitchens today, natural granite gives any kitchen a wow factor that never fails to impress. Hard wearing, classic and virtually maintenance-free, each piece of honed stone uniquely lends itself to the kitchen environment and can be formed to precise and complex designs as well as straight, angular lengths. With its natural tendency to produce a highly-polished sheen finish, granite is waterproof, relatively heat-proof and stain resistant – the perfect partner for any kitchen.
  • Mosaic – Discovered in Greece as early as 340BC and in ancient Rome over a Millennia ago, Mosaic tiling or Tesserae was used by local craftsmen to adorn the villas and palaces of both great ages. In the past decade, mosaics have enjoyed a consumer renaissance and are the preferred method of tiling cover for a number of wall and work surface applications including splashbacks and walls. From metal finish, iridescent, tumbled marble, pearlised, granite or plain ceramic, the use of mosaic tiling in any kitchen makes a real style statement.
  • Stainless steel combines a hard-wearing surface with stunning visual appeal. Whether used alone or combined with other materials such as timber or composite stone, it is an increasingly popular choice for striking kitchen designs in highly contemporary settings.
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