What To Bring To College and What To Leave Home

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If you are heading to college for the very first time, it can be difficult to know what you should bring with you and what you should leave behind. Indeed, you don’t need to bring everything, but you do want to bring a few things that will make life more comfortable in the dorms.

It can be hard to leave items behind, but you want to remember that a dorm needs to be able to run efficiently. Of course, when you leave things behind, it will give you a chance to make executive decision on things you don’t need anymore. You may even have a few items you can sell to make some extra cash. Here is what to bring to college and what to leave at home.

Bring Blankets and Other Bedding

If you are moving into the dorms, you certainly want to bring your own bedding. Not only will your own bedding help you get over your homesickness, it will also give you something warm to sleep in on your first night of college. Indeed, many college dorms have beds, but not bedding. Moreover, you may want to learn how to properly make your bed.

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Leave Knick-knacks and Other Sentimental Items

If your childhood bedroom has a lot of knick-knacks, you may be able to bring a few things that may have sentimental value to make your room feel more like home, but you want to leave most things behind. When it comes down to it, you don’t want to fill up your car with these items because they will get in the way of being able to bring things you actually need. If you want, you could box up these items and store them in your parent’s garage.

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Bring Bathroom Supplies

Another important set of items to have when you first head to college is bathroom supplies. For instance, you may want a portable shower caddy so that you can bring your toiletries to and from the bathroom. If you don’t have any bathroom supplies, you may want to head to a specialized retailer and stock up. You don’t want to be at college without your favorite toothpaste or shampoo. Moreover, you want to bring your own toilet paper, cotton swabs and the like. You may not know it by looking around on campus, but hygiene is important in college.

Leave Childhood Toys

If you are going from your childhood bedroom to a college dorm, you are probably going to leave behind a lot of toys. It is important to put things like stuffed animals and other toys into boxes. If your parents have an attic, you probably want to put these items in there too. There may also be a garage where you can store your old toys. You will not need these items in college – no matter if you are taking UC’s respiratory therapist degree or another degree program.

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Bring Books

On top of everything, you want to bring your books. There is a good chance that you will have some downtime in your dorm and will want to pick up an old book or start reading a new one. In the end, books will turn out to be your best friends in college.

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