What To Do As The Victim Of A Car Accident

Imagine that you’re simply driving down the road going to work. You’ve gone through a traffic light, only driving about 10-15 mph, and suddenly, you feel a blast of energy behind you. Your ears begin ringing and your arm goes numb. You’re the victim of a rear-end collision accident, and the accident is due to no fault of yours. You are now considered a car accident victim.

First, you should probably call 911 and get police out to the scene of the accident. Additionally, you might need to start thinking about contacting personal injury lawyers. A personal accident lawyer will protect your rights. Even though many feel America is overly litigious, there are many reasons to hire a personal accident attorney after the accident.

Personal accident attorneys know the law. The statute of limitations is different in all states. By contacting a personal accident attorney, he or she will make sure you don’t allow the statute of limitations to expire before you file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your damages.

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Another reason you need an attorney to help is because most accident victims get jerked around by the insurance company of the party at fault. For example, they might say they want you to rent a car and that they will reimburse you later. Well, later comes along and when you ask for reimbursement, they might deny the claim due to a technicality. They will refuse to pay your medical bills and car rental bill. A personal accident attorney won’t let this mistreatment happen and put a stop it immediately. If there’s one thing insurance adjusters don’t like, it’s a personal accident attorney.

You can also file a claim with your own insurance company, have your car fixed and they will take care of going after the other party to settle the claim. Additionally, you can collect money on your medical policy, if it’s applicable. If you try to settle without an attorney, you might even get the run-around from your own insurance company. A personal accident attorney knows the law and will make sure you don’t get the run-around.

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A personal accident attorney saves you time. After an accident, so much time is spent filling out the appropriate paperwork, making statements and more. If you hire an attorney, he or she will handle the paperwork and the talking for you. They will go after a copy of your police report, they will take your statement and they correspond directly with the insurance company on your behalf. This gives you the time you need to recover from the accident and get better.

As the victim of an auto accident, you will need to pay back your health insurance company for any claims they paid on your behalf. An attorney will take care of settling these claims and make sure all the bills are taken care of so that there aren’t any surprises later down the road. In this case, you need to be sure to give all your bills to your lawyer because he or she has no way of knowing what you get in the mail unless you give them to him or her. Being the victim of an auto accident, you need a personal attorney to make sure everything is taken care of completely.

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Again, so many people feel that we are too litigious in the United States. However, if you were injured in an accident that was no fault of yours, and if you have to deal with the legalities such as money, personal injury and liability, it’s best to discuss your case with a personal accident attorney so that you get the just compensation you deserve.

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