What To Expect With The iPhone 6S

We’ve all heard the rumours about the next iPhone. And although the 6 and 6 Plus have only been out for a handful of months, these rumours have finally been put to rest and the release of a new iPhone 6S is scheduled to be in September of this year.

So what can we expect from the new iPhone? It’s typical that with the “S” version of the iPhone, we can expect the look to be about the same but with some fine tuning to the operating system and other functions. It’s basically an updated version of the previous model.

As retailers are starting to receive their shipments for the September 2015 release, more and more details are being revealed about the upcoming phone. With the same overall packaging, we can expect:

  1. A turbo charge processor
  2. Better battery life
  3. Enhanced camera capabilities such as a 12 MP lens and 4K video capture
  • You may be able to add 3D effects to photos. It might have more than one sensor so it can capture depth-of-field images.
  1. A more powerful chipset
  2. Faster LTE chip
  3. Force Touch technology, with iOS 9 (which was introduced with the Apple Watch)
  • Maps will be able to drop new pins inside the Maps app
  • Inside Media Players there will be pressure-sensitive scrolling
  • Inside the Calendar app you can use Force Touch when adding new events
  • It’s used to clear up control space across the system and it may even replace some press and hold interactions
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With iOS 9 we are expecting Siri to be more proactive when it comes to recognising your behaviour. There will also be improvements to apps such as Maps and Notes and other existing Apple apps. You can expect the News app to give a more magazine feel with glossy visuals.

The screen is rumoured to be made with sapphire glass that is scratch resistant but wasn’t added to the original iPhone 6/ 6 Plus because of manufacturing issues.

For something more durable, it could incorporate the same Series 7000 aluminium that is found in the Apple Watch sport’s casing. It’s said to be 60% more durable than the current aluminium being used.

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Also rumoured, Apple could be experimenting with new colours and pink could be one of them.

As always, you will be able to buy the iPhone outright with no contract involved but at a cost. If you aren’t in the mood to pay that much for a phone, you can always sign a new contract with your network provider and in time, unlock your iPhone 6S to use any service that you choose.

Although some of these are just rumours, there is some truth to them as well as we get closer and closer to the September release. Keep an eye out for new information and prepare yourself for the iPhone 6S launch.

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