Where Auto Air Conditioning Is Headed In The Next 5 Years!

Auto Air Conditioning has had global prevalence for many years now. We have all enjoyed the comforts and safety that come along in auto air conditioning. However, the trend of Auto Air Conditioning is changing and manufacturers’ worldwide are acknowledging the limitations occurred by installing air conditioners in the cars.

Massive amounts of funded researches are ongoing for deciding the pathway for auto air conditioning.  The manufacturers’ have begun to look for alternative substitutes that are more environment-friendly and economical in nature.

Attempts are made to keep on going ahead with the offered luxuries in the auto industry but by staying vigilant about the health of our environment. Manufacturers don’t prefer to harm the environment while offering comforts to human beings. They are now looking at balancing the two. They have understood how significant is the role of Mother Nature and is something that shouldn’t be disturbed at any cost.

Take a glance at the future of auto air conditioning services in the coming five years.

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Heat Pump Technology

The air conditioning services that are currently offered to us in our cars use an electric water heater system. Unfortunately, an electric water heater system gives birth too many significant issues especially when used in electric cars. Predominantly, it decreases driving mileage and improving the driving mileage by increasing the battery capacity creates other problems. So there is no dead end solution to the problem, yet!

Employing heat pump technology brings a ray of hope in solving the problem of mileage. In this technology, selection of heat source is of paramount importance.

A particular research was conducted by selecting the heat source from the outside temperature only. The experiment proved that by relying on the outside temperature on any given day does help in improving energy efficiency, while perpetually maintaining a comfortable cool temperature in the inside.

Therefore, in the auto industry, heat pump technology is certainly one peculiar direction that the Auto Air Conditioning will be debating on in the coming five years.

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Thermal Systems Integration for Fuel Economy

The concept of TIFFE (Thermal Systems Integration for Fuel Economy) was developed with the objective to improve energy efficiency of the car.

The TIFFE approach has been taken quite positively by many car manufacturers in the last few years. It contributes immensely in reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Some of the advantages of TIFFE can be summarized as below:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Reduced heat exchanger
  • Better comfort in hybrid cars
  • Has less complicated thermal model

Moreover the TIFFE system is affirmative in increasing the efficiency levels of air conditioning by 15 per cent and of about 25 per cent in case of hybrid cars.

The TIFFE approach involves in the development of an innovating integrated vehicle thermal system with the aim to improve the on board thermal management and energy efficiency. The project results get validated in two vehicles prototypes:

  1. A hybrid light vehicle with an integrated thermal system that should include air conditioning
  2. A small family car with start and stop and having an innovative engine cooling system.
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The TIFFE approach has complete support of European Union (EU).  The project is supported under the framework of a research program named “The Greening of Surface Transport”.

The auto air conditioning system has vividly introduced us to many comforts by ignoring some terrible consequences. Times have changed, and consumers have begun to act wisely. It is very evident to see many people shifting to hybrid cars for several reasons.

The auto industry is going through a paradigm shift, and, so innovations are likely to be felt in the coming five years. It’s a densely competitive market and all the players are trying hard to be the first innovators. In the coming five years, we are bound to witness the introduction and acceptance of new technologies and at the same time caretaking of the environment.

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