Why boarding school is good for your child

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With the pressure of a hectic lifestyle and demanding jobs, children often don’t get the attention they deserve, both on the personal and academic front. With late hours being the common way of life for parents, it becomes inevitable for the kid’s education to suffer. This is so because parents are unable to devote as much time as they ideally should towards their children and their education. However, with the trend of sending your child to a boarding school picking up the pace, this aspect of concern can easily be taken care of.

Boarding schools all over the country offer a wide variety of facilities for children. These facilities and services ensure a holistic development for your kids.
Along with academics, the best schools in Gurgaon and NCR offer a wide variety of extra- curricular activities too. In order to give your child the best education, coupled with great exposure to extra-curricular activities, do consider enrolling your child in one the best boarding schools. Take a look at the various benefits of a boarding school that will help you make up your mind.

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Extra attention from teachers

More the number of hours your ward spend in the school premises, more will be the time teachers can give on him. In the regular mode of schooling this is simply not possible. This is the prime reason why students of boarding schools perform way better than students of regular schools. No wonder students of ICSE schools in Gurgaon boarding fair better in both academics and co-curricular activities than day care students because they get special attention from the teachers.

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Excellent sports facilities

International day boarding schools in Delhi and NCR offer amazing sports facilities for all students. Regular schools also have good sporting facilities but due to the limited amount of time that a student spends there, these facilities aren’t used to their full potential.

Exposure to extra-curricular activities

Regular schools offer plenty of extra-curricular activities. But due to increased number of hours that a child is able to spend in the boarding school, your child gets better opportunity to inculcate new skills via the exposure to extra-curricular activities like swimming, painting, dancing, theatre etc.

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Apart from the above mentioned aspects, there are other factors too. Getting your child enrolled in a boarding school will end all your worries pertaining to child’s studies and future. With a number of day boarding schools that have come up in the recent years, it might prove to be a little difficult to take your pick. Do conduct an in depth research before making the decision.

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