Why You Should Switch To An LPG Tankless Water Heater

When you need to replace a hot water tank, you should consider a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater provides you with an unlimited supply of hot water on demand. They are more energy efficient and you will see the cost savings on your electric bill. There are two different types of tankless water heaters to choose from, those that run off electricity and those that use gas, either liquefied petroleum gas or LPG or natural gas.

The Advantages of an LPG Tankless Water Heater

Most people invest in a tankless water heater in order to save money. Traditional hot water tanks have to run continuously in order for there to be hot water to wash dishes with, take showers or wash clothes. The water has to be stored at least 60 degrees Celsius to prevent bacteria from growing in the water tank. This requires the electricity or natural gas to always be on, which costs you more money than a tankless water heater.

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Endless Hot Water

Aside from being more energy efficient, LPG tankless water heaters help to supply an endless amount of hot water for your household needs. The water heater automatically turns on when you turn on the tap and shuts off when the tap is turned to the off position. No matter how many people are using your showers or what household chores are being done at the same time, there will be plenty of hot water for you to use.

Cleaner, Healthier Water

Since it does not need to be stored in a water tank, the water that is produced by a tankless water heater is cleaner because it is free from bacteria. Water stored in a hot water tank may also rust over time, but since water is not stored in tanks with a tankless system, there isn’t any chance of getting rusty water.

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Cost Less to Operate

A tankless water heater that is powered with LPG will cost less to operate than one that uses electricity. While you can have a small tankless system in each room that needs hot water, you can also use one larger system so it provides the hot water you will need for your entire household. However, operating a system that provides hot water to all of the rooms can be costly if it is powered by electricity. Gas units are much more suitable for providing the necessary hot water for every room in your home simultaneously.

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Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

Making the switch to an LPG tankless water heater is easy to do. After purchasing the system, you just need to choose an LPG gas supplier, such as Supagas, and have the system installed by a licensed plumber. Soon you and your family will be able to enjoy having hot showers whenever and as often you wish without needing to worry about running out of hot water. While traditional hot water tanks cost less, the savings you experience will help pay for your LPG tankless water heater.

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