Windows 10 For Phones – All New Experience

It’s old news that Microsoft has announced a complete new Operating System for Phones as well as PCs – Windows 10. The latest updates of Windows 10 for phones bring in more features and UI enhancements for better user experience.

Though Microsoft is not showing up everything about Windows Phone 10, but gradual revelations are actually exciting users across the globe. There are a little user interface changes and many tweaks to improve its experience.

The Start Screen is back with this update but has background images that drop behind Live Tiles instead of overlaying on them. It’s a good change though that feels more natural and consistent with how iOS and Android manage wallpapers.

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It has got a new keyboard as well with a joystick to allow you move the cursor around to edit text. You don’t need to tap on the text while trying to align the cursor in the middle of the wrongly spelt word and do the correction.

To impress you is the Spartan browser, which replaces Internet Explorer. It is the new web browser that will work across all devices with Windows 10. Mobile and PC versions of the app are quite similar but the one for mobile is lacking certain features.

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Windows Phone 10 also features a touch-optimized version of Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is much improved than the current version. Also, it supports wireless printing – so you can now print with your smartphone.

In a break with tradition, Microsoft has taken a big leap to provide more impressive features and user experience with its new products. Windows phone 10 provides all new experience and a better encounter with apps which previous versions could not offer. Also, Microsoft does expect your feedback on Windows 10 for phones and you can easily help them by launching the Windows Feedback app. In addition, if you want your words to reach them regardless of what screen you are on, just press the Power+Volume down buttons on the phone to open the feedback app directly.

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