Would You Buy A Timeshare In 2015?

In 2015, believe it or not, timeshares are still being bought and sold and the ‘craze’still hasn’t gone away. To many, this is a surprise, given the bad press which has plagued the Timeshare industry for years, especially given that, in many instances, they don’t turn out to be what the buyer was expecting. From hard-pressure sales and, in some cases, outright sales fibs, it’s not surprising that so many timeshare owners are looking for a way out and that, as far as we’re concerned, should be an indication as to the fact that, in 2015, they’re likely not the best option when it comes to purchasing a holiday home. Of course, there are still plenty of couples and individuals who continue to purchase timeshares, however, only later to realise that they should have perhaps done a little more research and that it wasn’t likely the right decision for them.

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What Are The Problems With Timeshares?

Perhaps most importantly, we should take a look at what the problems with timeshares are and why, in most cases, it makes sense to stay well away.

The bottom line is that, whilst at first you may think you’ve landed yourself a fantastic deal and can’t wait to return to your timeshare year on year; that’s likely to soon get boring! Over time, timeshare owners find that they either don’t want to return to the same place or simply want something different. No problem. At least that’s what the owner has been led to believe when they first purchase the timeshare. They’re under the impression that it’s easy to sell on a timeshare and that there’ll be plenty of would-be buyers desperate to take it off your hands for the right price.

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WRONG! One of the main problems with purchasing a timeshare is the fact that, once you want out, you’ll struggle. Selling or getting rid of a timeshare is notoriously difficult, even in 2015, and unless you can find a genuine buyer, you’ll be stuck paying the (often expensive) resort fees year on year, regardless of whether you use it or not.

With international breaks becoming far cheaper than ever before thanks to budget airlines and competing resorts, timeshares are nowadays often an expensive way to take a holiday and there’s no surprise the owners won’t let you sell and that you’ll struggle to find a buyer!

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Of course, for some, it can be proven that the timeshare has been mis-sold and, as such, there may be a way out, however for many, it’s a long, time consuming battle against the timeshare resort owners. If you find yourself in this position, it’s important that you take the time to seek professional advice from an independent body such as the Timeshare Consumer Association who will be only more than happy to help.

Above all, at the end of the day, in 2015, a timeshare is likely NOT the holiday you’re looking for and whilst it may be great at first, over time you’ll see the problems unravel and your money tied up in something you no longer want!

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