Xiaomi Mi 6 Review: Potent Yet Stunning

Xiaomi has a rather exciting release agenda for their flagship smart phones. Unlike numerous manufacturers, they do not release their inheritor each 11 to 12 months. For instance, the Mi 5 was declared in February of 2016, whereas the Mi 4 was declared way back in August of 2014. Xiaomi enjoys to announce a new smartphone while they have a new technology prepared for this novel smartphone. Which means they are not simply releasing the similar phone every year. Through the Xiaomi Mi 6, they are first on a few stuffs.

Picking up Xiaomi Mi 6, it certainly reminds you of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It has a bent backside, kind of similar a backwards Galaxy S6 Edge, which creates it feel excessive in the hand. Now whereas the Mi Note 2 sported a bent display, the Mi 6 does not. It sporting a flat 5.15-inch display on the facade, with a capacitive home button. The home button is a bit puzzling. It looks similar it’s a physical home button, as it is concaved, however it’s just a capacitive button prepared of glass, and it really works fairly well. Xiaomi has two capacitive buttons on both side of that home button, which are exposed as simply dots. Permitting users to switch their recent and back buttons. The respite of the front is pretty spotless, just showing a camera at the topmost on the left of the earphone, and there is a notification LED light on the right side.

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Xiaomi’s Mi 6 is the first smart phone to launch in China through the Snapdragon 835 processor, which means this is a monster. The Mi 6 derives with the Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 GPU plus 6GB of RAM.

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Making it the single smartphone accessible with the Snapdragon 835 plus 6GB of RAM, so there is some high standards here while it comes to performance. As well as the Xiaomi Mi 6 did not let us down. We have been using the Mi 6 side-by-side by the Galaxy S8 Plus which moreover runs on the Snapdragon 835 however with 4GB of RAM. As well as the Mi 6 is a bit faster in daily use. Of course, that is mainly because of the software on the device, which is pretty imposing, since MIUI is furthermore pretty full of features similar Samsung Experience

Like maximum smartphones, the Mi 6 has a speaker on the bottommost of the phone. It’s a distinct speaker, and it is decent. That is about it. The speaker is flashy, and it is not tinny, which is a worthy sign for a distinct speaker smartphone. However the audio quality is not going to win any prizes. It’s great for watching cinemas, listening toward music and such, but don’t anticipate high-quality audio from the Mi 6.

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Which by the Mi 6 contains, the first with Snapdragon 835 in China, the first by a fingerprint sensor underneath the glass, as well as a few others. Now whereas the Mi 6 does take a hit by getting free of the 3.5mm earphone jack, it’s not actually surprising, since maximum smartphone producers are doing the similar thing.

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