10 Trendy Summer Camp Ideas For 2015

It may seem that spring just arrived, but there’s a summer buzz in the air. School’s almost out, which means that parents are looking for ways to keep the kids busy, but also stimulated. There are a ton of options out there making it difficult to sift through. Luckily, Austin Children’s Academy has curated summer camps to suit the interests and hobbies of every child
between 4 and 18 years old. Each session is a weeklong, interactive, educational adventure. Check out the top ways to enrich your child’s summers below.

1. Coding – There is not one, but three coding classes available this summer at Austin Children’s Academy. Give your kids a head start on one of the most invaluable skills they can learn in this day in age with camps introducing them to Java, HTML and SCRATCH.

2. Arts and Crafts – It’s back to the basics but with a twist. From altered books/journals, where an old book takes on new meaning as an art form, to mosaics, to everyone’s favorite: painting. Kids can create beautiful, creative masterpieces they will most certainly be proud of. Also music, like learning the guitar, is an art form.

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3. Imagination – Every day is National Speak Like a Pirate Day when kids are enrolled in Ahoy, Swashbucklers! This program takes regular camp games like arrrchery or drrrawing to a place where they’ll be living a pirrrate lifestyle. If walking the plank is not on your child’s bucket list, but perfecting balloon animals is, they can join us at Circus Camp! A growth opportunity in disguise where the planned activities grow visual, spatial and white matte areas of the brain.

4. Travel – If your child enjoys going on vacation, consider sending them to an African Safari or South American Summer where they will get to experience different cultures of the world without needing to dig out their passports.

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5. Food – For the young foodies there is a Fun with Food! camp where children learn how to keep themselves healthy and create meals without actually cooking. This camp is run by a nutritionist who knows how to eat well and have fun while doing it.

6. Challenges – Geared towards the Rubik’s cube aficionado or the Sudoku enthusiast, there is Caine’s Arcade. During this camp, children will create their own sorts of puzzles by making simple tasks challenging. Your child will walk away from this session having flexed their mental muscle.

7. Writing – For budding writers there is a camp where children can pen and publish their own book with additional resources dedicated to teaching them how to market. Don’t be surprised if they solicit the family for pre-orders!

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8. Fashion – Normally fashion and recycling don’t go hand-in-hand, but at EcoFashion: Recycled Elegance children get to design their own clothing line using recyclables! Parents can gather along with the campers at the end of the week for a fashion show featuring their work.

9. Gardening – Speaking of all things green… At the Green Garden Adventures! camp, children get a little bit dirty when they plant their own herb garden. They get to do it all while learning un poquito (a little bit) of Spanish.

10. For the Little Ones – Mini campers are not forgotten at Austin Children’s Academy! A variety of classes are available for the pre-

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