21 Unknown Facts About Water

Water Splash

Water is the most precious element of the world. Without water no one can survive in this world. Moreover it is also important to use safe and fresh water for all your daily needs. From our basic household need to major manufacturing in the factories, all need good water. We cannot use salty water for cooking, drinking and washing purpose and it requires soft and fresh water to accomplish all these tasks. It is extremely important to hire a water provider who gives safe and healthy drinking water. If you are looking for a water provider in U.K you can make a call on Severn Trent Contact Number. Before that let us discuss some interesting facts about water that will leave you completely surprised:

  1. 80% of weight of the infant at the time of birth is because of water.
  2. Around 70 to 75 percent of earth is covered with water.
  3. Pure water is neither acidic nor basic in nature with pH 7.
  4. 97% of total water available on earth is salty, 2.1% is frozen on the poles and less than 1% is fresh water that can be used by humans and animals for drinking and other purpose.
  5. Water (H2O) is the second most common molecule on earth, first is hydrogen H2.
  6. You will be amazed to know that 25% of human’s bond is water.
  7. An elephant’s 70% body is water.
  8. Only 80% of the population is served by ground water and 4% ground water of the world is already polluted.
  9. To process one chicken approx. 44 litres of water is needed.
  10. Sun evaporates trillion tons of water from the earth each day.
  11. 25% of bottled water in the market is drawn from municipal taps.
  12. It requires 200 litres of water to produce coffee beans that is able to make 1 cup coffee.
  13. One kilo cotton that is needed to make a pair of shirt and jeans need approx. 1000 litres of water.
  14. 70% of human brain is made up of water.
  15. Over 90% of fresh water supply of the world is located in Antarctica.
  16. By the time a person feels thirsty, he or she loses 1% of water from his/her body.
  17. Water has the ability to dissolve more substances than any other liquid and carries nutrients, minerals it.
  18. Approx 780 million people lacks in accessing pure and healthy drinking water.
  19. Every minute a child dies because of some water borne disease.
  20. 10% of disease can be improved by good and healthy water supply.
  21. half of the world’s hospital bed is occupies by patients suffering from water born diseases.
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There are several more facts about water. You can share your knowledge with us if you know any fact. It is world known that there is no life without water. Any place where there is water, you can find life. Hence, we can say that water is the reason for life. To keep the existence of human on the earth it is important to save water from getting polluted.

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