5 Indicative Signs That Your Website Needs A Redesign

website redesign

A website has become the face of a business or company today. It’s not only the digital identity of any business but also the trump card for doing business. Interestingly, a website works 24×7 for a business and generates a lot of revenue without much cost. Construction of a website requires a strategic mission and vision.

A company uses best professional expertise and resources in developing a website. However, they miss out on the constant renovation or overhaul neglecting the telltale signs. Once up, the website has to be consistently monitored, maintained and updated to keep up its performance.

The following parameters determines if your website is being optimally used and is successful, otherwise it’s due for a redesign:

  • Mobile friendly– Did you design your website to work beautifully on desktops and laptops? What about mobile devices? Is your website optimized for mobile devices which comes in all kinds of screen sizes? Majority of internet users browse, communicate and shop via their mobiles. They prefer sites that are responsive. In case your site isn’t displayed properly on such devices, it’s time for you to think about AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages )

  • Navigable– Are your website visitors able to browse your page easily? Do they land on the exact content they are looking for? Good navigation is not just easy to click menu bars, it should also be intuitive and land a visitor accurately. Minimum number of clicks and maximum acquisition of info are the criteria of a good website. If it’s otherwise, your website needs an overhaul.

  • Bounce rates– How are the analytics of your website? Is your website performing well? Many factors contribute for the bounce rate of a website. The loading speed being the main. The other being complexity of the page. Visitors prefer simple pages with no complexities and distractions. This means more white space to focus and lesser options and choices to be made. Any website with a bounce rate>50% needs a redesigning for a better SEO and SERPs. A good website makes visitors stay, browse and buy.

  • Centre of attraction– What is your website talking about? Is it addressing the customer issues or just blasting out the adjectives about your company? Content is a vital ingredient in making a good website. If your content is repetitive as your competitors , there’s a high chance of turning away the visitors. Besides ineffective content outdated content also turns away visitors. Research on the interests of your customers and useful keywords to satiate your savvy visitors.

  • Traffic and Conversion rate– What does the analytical tool say about your number of visitors? If the number of people visiting your website is on decline, then it’s a wake up call for redesigning your

    The above questions should be an eye opener to realise what is lacking in your website. Instead of going for a complete makeover, an incremental and gradual approach should be feasible and cost effective on your website. Taking cues from your competitors can answer the problem at hand. Incorporate trending design elements gives a fresh look and attracts visitors. How is the shareability of your website? Is your website active on social media? If your website is having poor visibility then it’s time for website redesign. Is your website capturing customer’s info or email address and building list? Your website is a means to build relationship with your customers by capturing leads. The conversion rate is directly proportional to a well designed website.marketing budget.

    Author Bio:

    Snigdha Mazumdar is founder and owner of Webtage, a digital build + market firm that delivers digital experiences to drive top line growth and operational efficiencies. As the owner of Webtage, she has deep expertise in helping organizations launch, optimize, and grow their online presence by spearheading digital programs targeted to increasing revenue and maximizing returns on investment.

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