Why SAFe Training Is Needed?

Why SAFe Training Is Needed?

Agile certifications are still not the norm in the business community, still it is up for debate whether the trainings are useful or not. The main goal of this article is to provide information about this training and why it should be a mandatory part of everyone’s resume. Leading SAFe Training institutes have reported that many of their students start with doubt in their minds and sometimes resist the process but by the end of the second day of training, they show significant improvement in team mentality and start to plan their moves together, they also tend to favour the scrum based connected office workspace after the training is done.

Organizations favouring Agile

 Ideally agile professionals are expected to have a long experience and expertise on a number of methods and frameworks of business structure, and also carry a certification which states the same, but usually organizations are hiring anyone with a basic idea about agile and who has some idea about how the business works. Adoption of agile has forced different businesses to compete to get talent. The average salary of a new employee has increased because every organization is trying to recruit new-comers with agile certifications and the job seekers are getting much more options because of it.

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Demand is higher than supply

 In the present market, every organization wants their staff to be agile certified and they expect at least a few years of experience while hiring. But the fact is that the older generation of employees mostly don’t have this certification and the newer ones don’t have the experience. So the companies are opting for the ones who have little to none experience but at least have an agile certification. This certification has led to increase in salary of the general employee by a huge margin and it will help you develop a career you can be proud of.

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How to get short-listed

 Many recruiters have stated that when they are looking at the resumes of new-comers, in most cases they look for some form of previous experience. This helps them in evaluating the candidate and check if he/she can fit the role they are looking for. The resumes of freshers are rarely considered for positions which have any managerial duties, but a fresher with an agile certification automatically reaches the top of the list because it lets the recruiters know that you have got an idea about teamwork and you can focus on the company-goals and achieve them with the help of co-workers.

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How agile helps in securing a career gateway

 Nowadays you should always expect that you are going to compete with people who have much higher qualification than you and are also much more experienced than you. To succeed in such a competitive environment, you need to make yourself as highly qualified for the jobs as you can. That’s where the Leading SAFe Training in Singapore comes in, you can get agile and SAFe certificates by completing the courses. These certificates will help you in securing the job of your dreams.

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