3 Approaches Which Aren’t Digital For Marketing Your Business In 2014

Unfortunately, too many business still feel that digital is the only way to market their products and services and whilst it’s certainly the case that whilst such approaches are an essential part of the marketing mix for almost all businesses, there’s still times when traditional offline approaches can deliver stronger results. There isn’t, as far as we’re concerned, any business who can’t benefit from utilising a wide marketing mix and concentrating efforts on both online and offline approaches and, as such, we wanted to take a look at three approaches which aren’t digital which can work wonders for your business in 2014.


If you’re not exhibiting at events, trade shows and conferences, you could be missing out significant levels of potential business. From general business shows to those more specific and niche based, it won’t take you long to find potential events to exhibit at and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s a great opportunity to get out there in front of your target market and make connections with potential clients and customers. Of course, when it comes to exhibiting, however, there is two things you need to pay particular attention to, the first being to ensure you’ve got a great exhibition stand and the second to ensure you’re employing a great team of staff who are not only enthusiastic but also knowledgeable about your products and services.

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From an exhibition stand point of view, you’ve a number of options ranging from bespoke modular exhibition stands through to smaller but more practical (in cases where you’ve got a smaller exhibition space), pop up display stands. We’ve always had great success working with Zoom Display and their range of pop up stands and exhibition systems and, if you’re considering exhibiting at a show this coming year, recommend you give them a call and see what they have to offer!

Aerial Marketing

Whilst perhaps not an approach you’d typically first think of when planning your businesses marketing and advertising campaign, an ever-impressive and effective marketing technique is aerial marketing. For those of you not familiar with what this is, it’s essentially the usage of hot air balloon advertising, giant inflatables and other similar products to get your message in front of your target market. Whether that involves flying a branded hot air balloon over a sporting event or using your own custom product inflatables at an event or trade show, it’s a way to grab the attention of potential customers and to stand out from the crowd against your competitors.

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In terms of how to go about approaching aerial marketing? We’d always recommend you leave it to the professionals who are used to not only manufacturing but also to planning and rolling out such inflatables and marketing products and would suggest you get in touch with aerial marketing specialists such as Bloon. It’s an approach which you may not have first thought of but when you get it right, an effective one!

TV Advertising With A Difference

With recent advancements in technology, almost anything is possible so why not utilise that to develop a TV ad which stands out and captures the attention of your audiences? So long as you’re putting your ad in front of the right people and that the ad itself perfectly portrays your message, it’s still an effective form of advertising and one which we’d suggest time and time again…for the right businesses! In short, if you’ve got a brand to build or a product to sell on anything more than a regional level, TV advertising can work for you! Of course, why not go one better than your standard ad, however, and strive to create something with a difference?

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We recently caught up with Cloud 12, a leading aerial filming team who have been responsible for filming aerial shots for ads for the likes of Nike, KitKat and Freeview in recent months. The addition of stunning aerial shots like that which Cloud 12 is capable of can add a new dimension to your ads and really help to capture the attention of your audience. Again, whilst not for everyone and every business, if you’ve got the right concept, aerial footage can help take your audiences places they’ve never before been and really add that wow factor.

The bottom line is that TV advertising still works wonders for many businesses, you simply need to approach it in a slightly different way to what you’re used to and work at all times to stand out from the crowd.

Above all, whilst digital marketing is the go-to approach for most businesses nowadays, that’s not to say that traditional approaches aren’t effective. In fact, it’s usually the opposite given that many businesses have ditched traditional marketing all together leaving the space wide open for those who have the initiative to move into it and do what others aren’t!

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