The Best Occasions For A Hog Roast

Hog roasting, it’s a simple way to cater and yet it’s somehow fitting for even the most extravagant occasion. In fact, there really is no special occasion that we wouldn’t foresee your guests taking real enjoyment from a hog roast – unless, perhaps all your guests were vegetarian. Here are the occasions we have found most popular for a hog roast in Watford:

Wedding Receptions

Weddings are arguably the most stressful events to plan. Not only are you potentially having to think about how to keep hundreds of guests happy, but you’ve got the pressure of making sure your day is perfect for you and your partner too. Catering is one of those wedding aspects it’s easy to get fretful over. Thankfully, hog roasts provide a really simple solution and give a relaxed feel to your reception party.

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Corporate Events

For those businesses that want to host a memorable conference or special event, a hog roast provides an unusual and laidback catering option, in place of the typical sandwich buffets your employees and colleagues may have come to expect.

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Local/Charity Fairs

With a whole hog able to feed hundreds of guests, hog roasting is a nice option for local communities and charities holding events where they’d like to make a bit of money with their food. It’s hugely affordable and there’s not much prep involved in hosting a hog roast with buttered buns and apple sauce- unlike when you have to make hundreds of different sandwiches, cakes and finger foods. 

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Birthday/anniversary Celebrations

Again, birthday party and anniversary do catering can be a bit predictable. Budget canapes, sandwiches and cold cocktail sausages are an unimaginative choice. A spit roast pig can bring something special, allowing for quite a spectacle – and they taste great too!

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