Help The Environment By Using Green Promotional Products

Going green is a good idea because the environment is suffering. If you plan to attend a tradeshow with various promotional products, there are 10 reasons why you should consider using green custom tote bags and custom plastic bags instead of standard bags.

The Cost

In most shops in North American, a standard bag costs five cents. If you buy a reusable bag, you can save hundreds of dollars for your business each year.

The Production Cost

When businesses purchase plastic promotional bags, plastic manufacturers use petroleum and natural gas, which are non-renewable resources.

The City’s Cost

Most cities pay millions of dollars on plastic and paper bags because they must cover the recycling costs and the processing costs when the bags reach the landfills.

Global Warming

Paper and plastic manufacturing companies are causing global warming. Paper bag manufacturing companies, however, cause two environment problems. Workers must cut down trees, which is a problem because forests absorb greenhouse gases. The other problem is that these companies produce more greenhouse gases when they manufacture the bags.

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Petroleum Use

To manufacture one plastic bag, 0.48 mega joules of energy is needed. A typical vehicle uses 4.18 major joules of energy; this is the equivalent of over five plastic bags.

Landfill Issues

There are millions of plastic bags in landfills, so cities do not have space for their trash. If most businesses use green promotional products, there will be less waste in every city.

Wildlife Issues

Plastic bags travel into trees and various habitats because they are light. When animals consume the plastic, they get sick. In some cases, plastic bags can be deadly to wildlife.

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Marine Life

Every year, plastic bags kill thousands of marine animals. They often think that plastic bags are food, or they entangled themselves in dangerous positions.


Although must people toss their plastic bags in the garbage, the wind often blows the bags away. As a result, the streets become littered. This issue affect local businesses because it scars their landscapes.

The Solution

Custom tote bags and custom plastic bags are eco-friendly and big enough for basic items, such as a purse or a water bottle.

The biggest retailers in American use custom tote bags because they understand that thousands of plastic bags are produced each year, but only a much smaller amount is recycled. In addition, retailers are no longer supporting the need for plastic bags because plastic bag production emits toxic chemicals into the environment.

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Green Products Help the Environment and Produce Results

According to a study, over 50 percent of respondents remembered an advertiser’s name 12 months after shopping at a store because of a promotional product. Also, over half of the respondents kept the promotional product because it was useful.

Promotional products can also be used to alert prospective clients about new store locations. Certain products can motivate employees too. For example, a high-end promotional product makes a great gift for employees who generate a lot of sales.

However, most businesses use promotion products as trade show giveaways. At trade show giveaways, clients will quickly gather around any booth that offers free products.

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