3 Wonderful North India Destinations That Backpackers In Chandigarh Can Visit

3 Wonderful North India Destinations That Backpackers In Chandigarh Can Visit

Named after the popular temple Chandi Mandir, situated at the nearby locality, the city’s name signifies Chandi (who the locals believe is the Goddess of force) and garh (home). The city has a prestigious history. It is thought to be a critical site in the Harappan civilization. Amid the medieval period, it was ruled by the rulers of Punjab, and subsequently, the British. However, in 1952, the establishment of the modern city was laid by the first Prime Minister of nation, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. And, apparently, Chandigarh is the first planned city of India. Originally, a union territory, the city now serves as the capital of two states, namely Punjab and Haryana. The city is also popular for its incredible pleasant areas and gardens that you get in almost every nook and corner. Additionally, the city also serves as an excellent starting point from where one can embark a memorable journey to other popular destinations in North India. Here are a few of them:

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It is one of India’s most well-known hill-stations, murmuring with a steady inflow of visitors and resonating thanks to its golden past as the summer capital of British India. The narrow road of the Mall Road winds for long toward the east and west just underneath the spine of the valley. Apparently, the Mall road is also a major commercial area, brimming with colorful shops, vendors, and some restaurants. Cart Road is another chief commerce centre here and houses the taxi stands, train station, and Old Bus Station. Leisurely strolling around is simply flawless, despite the fact that travelers who aren’t accustomed to the up-down roads of the hills, often get tired. Make sure that you take a ride in the Cable car that connects Mall Road and Cart Road. Scandal Point is yet another point of interest. From here, the level open zone known as the Ridge stretches out east to Christ Church. There is an easy availability of Chandigarh to Shimla taxi as well as trains.

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Another gemstone in India’s tourism map is Agra. It is home to the world popular Taj Mahal. The entrancing landmark and its history could transform into a fun thing, when investigating with your crew. Also, this is not it, there are a few different landmarks, strongholds and tombs to visit. While you are here you can likewise go on shopping spree in the busy and vibrant markets and try to get a taste of the city in the form of its ethnic cuisines. Fatehpur Sikri is another popular tourist site in Agra that takes you back in the eminent Mughal period. A walk around the old city of Shah Jahan will leave one stunned by the glory and opulence of the rulers in those days.

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A visit to Manali could be an experience of a lifetime. With its snow covered slopes, moderate paced way of life and plenitude of common excellence, Manali is an impeccable getaway. Set at a high altitude region somewhere in the range of 6,500 feet, this lofty hill station is bliss for adventure and nature lovers. Plus, it furthermore opens the ways to the captivating upper Himalayas. In case you’re up for some trekking and characteristic touring, Manali makes for an incredible spot to start treks. You can without much of a difficulty take a Chandigarh to Manali cab and make the most of its stunning perspectives on any weekend.

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