The Perfect Spa Resorts Of Kerala To Bloom Your Honeymoon

The Perfect Spa Resorts Of Kerala To Bloom Your Honeymoon

The rosy time of honeymoon, can be experienced just once in the entire lifetime. And one can not compromise with anything, when it come to choosing a place to visit for your honeymoon. Well, Kerala is one such place, which you must opt for, if you are planning for a low budget honeymoon in the country itself.

A number of Kerala tour packages for honeymoon are available nowadays, owing to the busy wedding season, which takes Kerala’s most popular places in its top notch. It won’t disappoint you. So, don’t worry. Fly to Kerala this wedding season, and have the most romantic experience of your life, with the best spa resorts embellished here.

Stay at one of these spa resorts and feel the perfect morph of splendid luxury, immense serenity and utmost pleasure. Have a look.

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort

The Athreya Ayurvedic Resort has been chosen as the best ayurvedic spa resort by the Kerala tourism industry. It, very beautifully makes use of ayurveda to treat the tired souls and bodies of the people. Ayurveda has played a crucial role in India, since the ages of the rishis. The best use of the ayurveda treatment is made here, using medicinal plants and herbs. Apart from spa, one also gets other healthcare treatments like ones from the yoga sessions conducted here. Dental care is also quite popular here. So everything here is traditional and indigenous, which

makes one completely relaxed and energised. The outside aura is also pacifying, with immense greenery and peace.

Maya Spa at the Zuri Kumarakom Resort

A two-hours drive from Cochin airport, would take you to the Kumarakom Resort. So, get ready to rejuvenate your aching bodies, and get rid of the tightened muscles, with the best ayurvedic spa at Maya, Zuri Kumarakom Resort. Not only your boy, but also mind will experience the most reviving session. It is an excellent place to stay at, with the entire atmosphere being so soothing and heart-lightening, that your love is bound to bloom.

Niraamaya, Kovalam Beach

Reincarnate your souls with the creme de la creme of the resorts, at Kovalam Beach. The Niraamaya Resort, besides offering exquisite spa services, also provides its visitors with  stress management sessions, weight loss exercises, skin ailments and detox practices. The staff of the resort does not fail to provide its guests with utmost care, and warmth. The dishes offered here are healthy and extremely scrumptious; so you can enjoy a great feast with your partner.

The Leela

Bask in immense grandeur and royalty at the leela, at Kovalam Beach. The Leela does not need any introduction, of course, so you know where you are heading to, and will get the best of the services, and treatment. This royal resort is truly a paradise for the honeymooners. Excellent spa facility, in both traditional and modern styles, swimming pool, perfect lightening and lush verdant arenas, create a picturesque aura, which creates a serene and heart-wooing atmosphere, to relax and stay in. One of the bestplaces to visit in Kerala for honeymoon, The Leela, sure will lead you to shell out big bucks, but the entire sojourn at this place, would be worth the price. So, go home with the most beautiful and enchanting period of your lives, and cherish it for your entire lifetime.

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