Visit Your Loved Ones Russle-free With Super Visa Insurance

Canadian Government has launched Super Visa allowing visitors to visit the citizens of Canada. This is equivalent to an Emergency Travel Insurance, which covers you for all the unforeseen emergency medical expenses that might become a cause of the hole in our pocket if you do not have an insurance while on travel.

A Super Visa is a multiple entry-visa, which signifies that the policy-holder can have ā€˜nā€™ number of entries in the country as he wants for the tenure of 10 years.

Applying for Super Visa?

Once you have decided to obtain a Super Visa, a medical insurance along with other coverages is required, that is called super visa insurance. Applicants of Super Visa are required to produce proof of medical insurance in Canada for a defined minimum duration i.e. one year. This emergency medical plan must be purchased from a Canadian Insurance company only and for coverage of $100,000.

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The emergency medical plan is expected to provide full coverage for immediate healthcare, hospitalization, and repatriation.

Getting a Super Visa Insurance is so easy that it does not demand a medical test to be performed for you. In case you are suffering from some pre-existing medical conditions, you can still go for buying the emergency medical travel insurance excluding the coverage for our pre-existing conditions.

Why you need a Super Visa Insurance?

We all can understand the pain of getting the visa approved to see our loved ones who are living in Canada, as getting a visa is such a cumbersome task in itself and complying with the customs of Government it becomes even more tiring. Since the introduction of Super Visa Insurance has made it easier for your loved ones to visit you in Canada and that too often for a longer period.

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A very interesting advantage that Super Visa Insurance holds is that it can be applied while your visitors are in Canada. All other requirements remain intact; the only difference lies in the fact that the Super Visa Application is submitted to the Calgary office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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If in any case the Super Visa Insurance application is denied, one gets a complete refund for unused coverage. Partial payment is also made depending on the terms & conditions of the insurance companies.

Now that you have known all the features, benefits, and freedom associated with a Super Visa Insurance, you must be thinking of having one for your loved ones too. It allows you a hassle and worry free travel to Canada. Now that Canadian Government has taken this step for making your trip to loved ones easy and frequent, we wish several other countries also to apply these procedures so that our visits to our families/friends become often and convenient.

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