4 Ways To Travel To Another Country Without Leaving Your Home

Traveling isn’t in everyone’s future, and it definitely isn’t in everyone’s budget. In fact, some people will never leave the country they were born and raised in, even some Americans. That doesn’t mean they can’t learn about other countries and experience other cultures.

If you feel the need to get away, do it right from your own home. This could be something fun to do with children, or simply for your own enjoyment. Use these four tips and you can travel to another place without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Get Online For A Virtual Tour

Google has a new project called World Wonders where you can visit 132 famous sites all over the world right on your computer, tablet, or phone. This is a great project that will give you a taste of some of the places you may never get to see in person.

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You can also go to tourism websites for specific places and look into whether or not they have videos or virtual tours available. While you’re there sign up to get some tourist brochures in the mail to use in the next tip.

Read Some Books On Another Country Or Culture

You can get tourist brochures in the mail, read up information online and on tourist websites, or you can even check out books from the library that are about the country that you are interested in learning about and exploring.

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Don’t overlook the books at the library, but you can pretty much find anything and everything you need online when it comes to other countries and cultures.

Cook Some Foreign Cuisine

You can easily find an array of world cuisine recipes online that will give you a ton of ideas for meals to make. Keep a journal of the different recipes you try and what you thought of them. This is especially a good idea if this is a project you are doing with the kids, as they could use it as a report for school.

You may find some ingredients difficult to find, and if you want to really be authentic you may need to buy some of them online.

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Purchase And Learn About Clothing From Other Countries

One fun way to learn about other cultures and countries is to look into the types of clothing that they wear, and maybe even buys some to try on for yourself. Find out how comfortable the salwar kameez is, that many Pakistani women, and men, wear.

You just might find a new favorite clothing, or your kids may end up with a really great box of dress up clothes!

If you are a history buff you can also do some studying of the history of the areas you visited from home. Find out why they eat the foods they eat or use certain colors and materials for their clothing.

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