5 Inexpensive Ways To Advertise Your Online Business

In a competitive world where attention is currency, attracting the ears and eyes of a target market is becoming extremely difficult. Not only will you be competing against the already established and large firms with well-funded marketing departments, you are also against myriads of distractions. However, that does not imply that your effort have to cost tons of money or being overly dramatic to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Below are five inexpensive and creative ways of marketing your online business

Celebrity Endorsements

Most business owners harbour the dream of having their offerings endorsed by global celebrities. On the contrary, rather than imagining the impossible, try wooing local superstars and let them support your endeavours. Local celebrities are the people that the local media is talking about, perhaps unsung heroes, such as a teacher who is doing newsworthy and positive things to the community. Considering that they are in the neighbourhood, it will be relatively easy to contact and locate them by e-mail or phone. Let them understand that you would wish to send them your product as a gift. Get honest feedback from them since such responses can make meaningful marketing or blog content.

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Niche Blogs

While it can be difficult to get on the front page of leading magazine, being featured in a niche blog can create immense marketing opportunities. Identify blogs targeting your market and contact creators to offer ideas on how you would wish to bring value to the readers. Goodwill can be demonstrated by offering a sample of your product to the owner that can be dished out to readers for product review. Provide ideas and information for blog post that would wish to pass across and explain why they will be useful to readers.

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Linked up Group

Creating a Linked up group is not only free, but also gives you an opportunity to offer your network a useful, vibrant information resource while at the same time driving traffic to your site. To get going, it takes effort, although the primary goal should be providing resources for starting discussions on matters, which can be beneficial to the community. Groups are places where members network with the professional community and offer a good platform for getting a professional view of your product.

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With multitudes of visitors every month, YouTube offers a powerful marketing platform for online business. To realize its benefits, go beyond simply posting and sharing of random videos of your offering and thoughts. Some of the marketing video that you can create may include keyword-research headlines, call to action, editorial messages, and press release.


Today, publishing a book no longer requires a publisher or millions of dollars to cater for distribution expenses. For instance, Amazon will upload you e-book at no cost only taking thirty-three percent of each sale. The goal may not be profit making from direct book sales, but as a lead generator that encourage readers to view your site for further information online business.


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